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LLL: On Being a “Life Long Learner”

Ivory, best dog I ever owned. Dry Creek Old House. Circa 2004. Correction: I didn't own her, she owned me.

On today’s blog, I’m sharing what I’m learning.

I call it “LLL.”

It’s Life Long Learning.

What I’m reading:

My current reading list.
My current reading list.


What are you reading?

What’s the best book you’ve read this year?


Best Novel I’ve read this year: All the Things You Cannot See


Best Personal Growth book so far this year: The Art of Work




Watching: “White Collar”   Cool show with neat plot twists.

Movie:  “War Room”


On my Playlist Van Morrison: Van’s the Man for me. Always have loved his music.


Wordsmithing: Privilege Part of the Gratitude-filled life is viewing opportunities as a privilege.

We can see things as a burden or a privilege.

I’m working on the privileged-view-life.


My Six Plus words:

My current 6+ Words
My current 6+ Words


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