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At Garissa Part II Where to Take our Doubts

        It’s a decision. Where do we take our doubts and questions? We can keep them bottled up and stew in our own juices. Or we can take them to Jesus. It’s a decision. A word from Curt Wow.  Yesterday, we began ...

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At Garissa Part I

It’s only in the testing of our personal faith that it becomes more solid.     A note from Curt I’m in the last days of exile in Kenya. Ready to get back to our Ugandan home. Thanks to all who prayed for us during ...

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Different Mother, Same Father

3 Key Prayer Points: Our home church, Dry Creek Baptist (La), arrives on May 7 for a week among their people group, the Kakwa. Curt and DeDe as they plan a late May trip to the Gambela region of Ethiopia. Wisdom and safety as we ...

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  A word from Curt Africans call it “Footing.” It’s a verb.  As in “I’m footing today.” I’ve discovered that to really know Africa, one must “go footing.” Or as we’d say back home in the land of the pines and missing g’s, Footin.   ...

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The Things that Matter

Question: what’s the most precious material possession you’ve lost? Reply here or in form at end of post. . . .  it was a reminder that the things in life that matter aren’t things.   I stared at the Ethiopian security worker as she removed ...

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Hands and Hearts: A Word for Today

  For those of you enjoying a daily helping of Christmas Jelly, today’s post will publish at noon CST. A word from Curt Today, it’s three words. StayOnMessage. Listen to a podcast of this message: Thoughts on Reached the Unreached   ( 4 minutes  Draft ...

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“Beeped” Ch 20 from Trampled Grass

 A word from Curt Beeped. It’s part of our daily vocabulary in Africa. I believe you’ll enjoy the tongue in cheek story below.   We’re posting chapters from our new ebook,  Trampled Grass, daily. You can download a copy in three ways: Read sample chapters or ...

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“Long May It Run” Ch 16 from Trampled Grass

            A word from Curt Footing. It’s one of my favorite African verbs.  “I’m footing it.” It means you’re walking, usually out of necessity. It’s the mode of travel for most Africans. On foot. The following story shares how generous ...

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“Shirt On My Back” Ch. 14 Trampled Grass

              A word from Curt Homeless. It’s a word we’ve come to fully realize in Africa.  There’s much more to homelessness than just being displaced. For refugees, it signifies the complete loss of all things material. Often, everything but ...

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‘Lost In Translation’ from Trampled Grass Ch. 13

We are excited about our new ebook, Trampled Grass.  Scroll down to learn how you can have a copy. A word from Curt Translation. Of all my African regrets, not becoming fluent in any language has been the largest. It has humbled me like nothing ...

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“E’s Sat Phone” Chapter 12 from Trampled Grass

INTRO   A word from Curt Communication. It’s a good word and part of all of our daily lives.  I believe you’ll enjoy the story below about communicating on the Continent of Africa. Daily, we’re posting chapters from our new ebook,  Trampled Grass. If you enjoy ...

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“Wow” Chapter 11 Trampled Grass

INTRO   A word from Curt Marginalized. It’s a word we hear often among refugees.  It’s the feeling that you (and your people group) don’t matter. You’re overlooked. Forgotten. Today’s post is about a group that feels very marginalized. They are called the Murle and ...

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A word from Curt Independence. Such a sweet word. We Americans cherish it.  Still celebrate it as a fire-cracking holiday each July. The Independence story in South Sudan is bittersweet. The following story shares why.   We spend about half of our time on The ...

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Where is “Up Country?”

  A word from Curt UpCountry We spend about half of our time Up Country. Our Journey takes us into northern Uganda, South Sudan, and Kenya. We are currently on a trip with our home church (Dry Creek Baptist LA) to their people group, the ...

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