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Liberian Grass Cutting

Liberian Grass Cutting- A lesson in Perseverance. This video shows the Liberian method of grass cutting. It was really neat to see the skill and hard work of these men who used this cutting tool to mow literally dozens of acres at Ricks Institute. Click ...

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Having a Learner’s Lean

  Having a “Learner’s Lean”   Paul had it.* (* keep reading and I’ll share more.) I want it. Throughout history, all great leaders who finished strong possessed it. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll call it the “Learner’s Lean.” Next time you’re in a meeting—whether it ...

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Facebook Friends

Facebook friends Abrahim Sarnor Student body president at Ricks (Left) Biomah Sherman (in Dry Creek cap) One of my jobs in Liberia was helping students with their Facebook pages. Many of them had pages but had been unable to post their photos on their profiles. ...

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Hoping Liberia

“Hoping Liberia” A favorite saying of the teachers at Liberia’s Ricks Institute is, “Thanks for coming and hoping us.” I thought it was just Liberian/English slang for “helping us.”* But as you can see from this shirt, “Hoping Liberia” is a theme of this school. ...

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Words From Edward Pongo

Wise words from my friend, Edward Pongo. Hi Curt, I’m glad you took back with you many things from Liberia, many memories and photos, especially the graffiti (about bread, life and peace) on the wall of a former displaced Liberian. That’s how the war was ...

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Graffiti on the wall of a Liberian Displaced Person’s Camp home. “He that bring(s) bread brings life.” Below it is written Proverbs 17:1 “It is better to eat a dry crust of bread with peace (of mind) than have a banquet in a house full ...

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Monkey Bridges And Cell Phones

Monkey Bridges and Cell Phones This bamboo bridge is over a creek near Liberia’s Ricks Institute School. It is nicknamed the “Monkey Bridge.” You can see the laden residents crossing it. They were much faster than we shaky legged Americans.We were taken to the nearby ...

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A Visit To The Orphanage

A visit to the Comfort K. Doe Orphanage Brewerville, Liberia My sister Colleen with one of the youngest children at the Doe Orphanage. One of the memorable highlights of our trip was visiting with the children at the Doe Orphanage. Three of the teenage boys ...

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Pineapple And Rain

DeDe had an African birthday yesterday (July 14) and received this birthday pineapple from Marcus Perkins. Flooding caused near Monrovia by last week’s rains

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Liberian Flag

The Liberian flag is very similar to the U.S. flag.The 11 stripes represent the original eleven signers of their declaration of independence.The one large white star with a blue background represents unity.

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