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Two Faces: Refugees and Illegals

I never met Tyler Lundin. At least not when he was alive. My journey to learning about his life and death began on a dusty soccer field near the Nile River in Uganda. Africans wear all manner of American shirts and caps.  I always enjoyed ...

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“Long May It Run” Ch 16 from Trampled Grass

            A word from Curt Footing. It’s one of my favorite African verbs.  “I’m footing it.” It means you’re walking, usually out of necessity. It’s the mode of travel for most Africans. On foot. The following story shares how generous ...

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“Shirt On My Back” Ch. 14 Trampled Grass

              A word from Curt Homeless. It’s a word we’ve come to fully realize in Africa.  There’s much more to homelessness than just being displaced. For refugees, it signifies the complete loss of all things material. Often, everything but ...

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‘Lost In Translation’ from Trampled Grass Ch. 13

We are excited about our new ebook, Trampled Grass.  Scroll down to learn how you can have a copy. A word from Curt Translation. Of all my African regrets, not becoming fluent in any language has been the largest. It has humbled me like nothing ...

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“E’s Sat Phone” Chapter 12 from Trampled Grass

INTRO   A word from Curt Communication. It’s a good word and part of all of our daily lives.  I believe you’ll enjoy the story below about communicating on the Continent of Africa. Daily, we’re posting chapters from our new ebook,  Trampled Grass. If you enjoy ...

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“All Together!” Trampled Grass Chapter 7

When you cry, I taste the salt in your tears. It's a statement of empathy

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Where is “Up Country?”

  A word from Curt UpCountry We spend about half of our time Up Country. Our Journey takes us into northern Uganda, South Sudan, and Kenya. We are currently on a trip with our home church (Dry Creek Baptist LA) to their people group, the ...

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Oh my soul! Bob and Nancy Calvert

      A word from Curt Dedication.   We are currently on a trip with our home church (Dry Creek Baptist LA) to their people group, the Kakwa. We’re posting chapters from our new ebook, Trampled Grass. If you enjoy the stories, please pass ...

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Sunday Prayers

  A Word from Curt Prayer. What a good word. “Where do you pray?” This is the lead question many Africans ask. It’s an honest inquiry about your faith. Where do you go to pray? In our culture (here) it’s not intrusive or rude. As ...

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Preview Trampled Grass Chapter 1

 A word from Curt Amazed.  It’s a word that we often use in Africa. Our upcoming ebook,  Trampled Grass, will be released in late September.  It contains forty stories about the amazing people of South Sudan and northern Uganda. Its subtitle says it all,  “Stories ...

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How you can be in South Sudan . . . but stay in America

A word from Curt: My wife DeDe is a passionate concise writer. She’s also a prayer warrior.  If you need someone praying for you, get DeDe on your list. She serves as Prayer Advocate for our Chadan Cluster.  The post below is from DeDe’s heart. ...

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Underdogs and a New Slides

Underdogs I’ve not sure I’ve ever seen anything that looked more out of place. As my grandpa said, “It was like a saddle on a pig.” Brand new shiny playground equipment in the midst of a ragtag barren refugee camp. I walked over to a ...

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Saturday Snips: Is a picture really worth 10,000 words?

  Today’s Saturday Snips is different You’ve heard the cliche: one picture is worth a thousand words. If so, you’re looking at 100,000 words below.  I’ve selected ten photos from our week among refugees in northern Uganda and South Sudan.  We’ll let them speak for ...

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Thoughts on Packing Carefully

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. – “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost* Going #UpCountry (Again)   “Up Country” is what folks here call northern Uganda. It’s a ...

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