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Finishing Strong: Ted Williams and the Apostle Paul

December 31 New Year’s Eve Finishing Strong “If it’s worth doing, it is worth doing right—especially if it is for God!” Ted Williams is generally considered the greatest hitter in the history of major league baseball. Two events from his career speak about the concept of “finishing strong.” In 1941, Williams entered the last day of the season with a …

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Bah Humbug Week Day 6

  Moving Out Among my many callings is “Turtle Rescuer.” I snatch them off the highway,  mark them  with the date (on their shell) and turn them loose. December 30  Ready to Move Out  A few summers ago, DeDe, our youngest son Terry, and I took part in a youth camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This area …

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Bah Humbug Week Continues: Day 4

December 29  Sharp Hooks Reas Weeks was a Dry Creek legend who lived and died before my time. He was a bachelor who lived in a remote area along Bundick Creek. He never owned a vehicle or held a regular job. He supported himself by fishing, hunting, and farming. He was known as the best creek fisherman in our area. …

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Bah Humbug Week: Day 3

Here is today’s story from Christmas Jelly: December 28 The 100-Foot Line  There’s a fine stand of young slash pines at Dead Man’s curve on the Longville Road. I’ve watched the growth of this forest since it was clear cut, then replanted in straight rows. The following year, the pines began to poke their heads above the grass. They’ve emerged …

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“I am Lottie Moon” Week at The Creek

Learn more about Lottie Moon by scrolling down* or visiting her Wikipedia page. You can also learn more and give directly to the Lottie Moon Mission Offering. Hey Friends, December 1-8 is the Week of Prayer among our denomination.  It is the time when we Southern Baptists give an offering toward overseas missions. This offering is called the “Lottie Moon …

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