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Thoughts on “The Good Shepherd”

Listen to short clip from Tigoni Baptist Church Kenya Easter 2013 (Above) Don’t miss Dada Stella’s famous Shrill Swahili Spiritual Squeal. It’s one of my favorite parts of African worship! The clip below is an acapella Easter song from the Tigoni Adult Choir.  Enjoy and Worship: TigoniEaster2 On the clip above, listen to each choir member humming their part.  Also, …

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A New Heart

A New Heart I will give you a new heart and mind.  I will take away your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.   Ezekiel 36:26 It’s become a favorite word of mine in Kenya. Moyo.     It means heart in Swahili. As in Moyo ya Moyo . . .  Heart to Heart.   It’s odd …

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A Weekend in Africa

It’s been a fine weekend in Kenya. Yesterday we spent the day hiking and climbing in the Great Rift Valley.  More on that below. Today was Palm Sunday and its significance was burned into my heart like never before. It’s due to donkeys and palm fronds. As we drove to church this morning, we passed crowds of worshipers carrying palm …

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The Honeymoon is Over

My wife DeDe is a wonderful writer. She’s also cleaning my clock on Swahili. What she wrote about a rat problem we had is worth sharing.  Enjoy! Actually Curt and I have never been better.  However we live in what is affectionately called the “Honeymoon Cottage” at the retreat center where we stay.  While we were in Uganda the rainy …

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Two H-Bombs

Sometimes having a bomb dropped on you is good. Especially if it teaches you Humility. And if it reminds you to keep (and use) your sense of Humor. Learning a new language has been tough. But it’s also been wonderful.  I’ve always felt undereducated by being monolingual. I’m a long way from being fluent (that will not happen) but I’ve …

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Pamoja!: All together lift

Pamoja:  it’s our Swahili word for the week.  It means “Working together.” Pamoja.  It’s a good word to share with you.  As a friend, reader, and prayer supporter, you are working together as we follow God’s leadership in serving in east Africa. Keep praying! Praying for us this week: We’re in Entebbe, Uganda this week.  Training with Bob and Nancy …

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