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Latest from Zambia

DeDe and I love Zambia and all of our new friends. Internet connections and time are scarce. We’ll be introducing these friends in the coming days.

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Sojourners walking together . . . We’re all on a journey.

DeDe and I fly out in the morning (18 April) for Zambia. We’ll spend the next month at the fabled “40/40 Bush Camp.” The first two weeks we’ll be in the captial city of Lusaka.  The last two weeks will be split between tent-living in a remote area (Curt is pumped, DeDe less so.) and staying in a Zambian home. …

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“Push the week . . . Polk Salad Annie and Our Daily Bread

  Juxtaposition.   Compare and Contrast. It’s what I love about being Deeply Southern Fried American and a Pilgrim in East Africa. Both places have red dirt, rural hospitality,  “tribal problems”, and soul food. The story below is my latest attempt to explain, connect, and understand two cultures. Sukuma Wiki, Ugali,  Polk Salad Annie, and other culinary thoughts     And …

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Dada Stella’s Big Ripple

A word that is changing my life It’s a simple word but it’s become my favorite. The word is “Privilege.” It’s become one of my “6 words to live by.”* I’m simply using this word to remind myself of how privileged I am to: Be alive Serving Bwana (Lord) Jesus in Africa. Having a wonderful family. Good health. Learning a …

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Swahili Stage Fright #3

I’ve always loved the song,  “Stage Fright” by The Band. Enjoy a You Tube Video of The Band’s last performance of “Stage Fright” at “The Last Waltz” concert. It’s a song written by band member Robbie Robertson about his struggles with stage fright as a musician. (The band even hired a hypnotist to work with Robertson on his nervousness.) But …

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