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Thoughts on the African “Big Man Syndrome.”

June 1, 2013 My 57th birthday is today The Big Man    Scroll down to read “A Big Man named Leo Parker.” Idi Amin was The Big Man. I was reminded of it while watching the movie,  “Raid on Entebbe.” The Big Man. It’s a term used often in Africa. It describes a powerful person who rules autocratically.  Many, like …

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Heading up North: 6 Ways you can Help and Pray

Scroll down to learn more about what a “Mzungu” is. “It is unthinkable that we would send thousands of people overseas without covering them with a blast furnace of prayer.” – Tom Elliff, IMB president   Where I come from, we call it “plowing new ground.” But DeDe and I are 8500 miles from our Piney Woods home.  We’re in …

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No Woman/No Cry: Thoughts on African Life

It’s probably odd to read a blog from ” Someone on Mission” that quotes Bob Marley. But thanks to my African friend Eric, Marley’s “No Woman/No Cry” is stuck in my head. More importantly, the song is buried in my heart. I wonder if I’ll ever get it out. I’m not sure I want to lose it. What song(s) always …

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