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Thoughts from TheJourney.

Urgent Prayer Need  Posted on Tuesday, 18June, 2013 This morning our co-worker, boss, and friend, Bob Calvert, was involved in what we call “a missionary’s worst nightmare”:  A child darted in front of his vehicle and was hit.  Miraculousy, the child is going to recover.  We praise God. Read the following from Bob’s wife Nancy.  Pray for Bob, Nancy, Stephen …

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“Watch Out for That Bike” A Story Worth Telling

Watch Out for That Bike!     “Watch out for that Tricycle.”* –       Baseball dugout call to distract fielders on a popup. Scroll down to read “Watch Out for That Tricycle. They don’t play much baseball in Uganda (they did have a team in last year’s Little League World Series.) but they do have plenty of bikes.  Bicycles galore. And …

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Packing Light . . . but Carefully

We’re leaving Wednesday for a trip upcountry. I’m inviting you to help me pack. I’ll be updating today and tomorrow. It’s an art and science.  The process of packing for a long trip. I’m not very good at it.  I have a whole assortment of busted zippers from trying to, as Dolly Parton once famously said,  “Put 5o pounds of …

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