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A Remarkable Word: Telelastai

A word from Curt ___________________________________ Today’s post is brief, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t significant. It concerns what I believe to believe the most important word spoken in history. Telestai. I’m no Greek scholar, so I’m not even sure how to pronounce it, but in that language it means, “paid in full.” It’s the final words of Jesus and …

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A Remarkable Story: The Corporal and the Colonel

A word from Curt  My calling: Stay Curious Never Cease to be Amazed. Share Remarkable Stories.   The following story, from our second book, The Old House, always moves me when I read it again. It really happened and I was there to see it.  Read it and help celebrate a birthday. A Remarkable Story: The Corporal and the Colonel …

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‘Buried Hams’ A favorite story told by my cousin, Harold Iles, Sr.

The best part of writing about Pineywoods Louisiana is how my books open the door for others to tell me their stories. Most of my historical fiction comes from actual stories told by my friends, both old and new. This is especially true with A Spent Bullet, my 1941 Louisiana Maneuvers book. My cousin, Harold Iles, who was a Sugartown …

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