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The Jericho Road Part II

  Jericho Road Part 2 If you missed the earlier post on “The Jericho Road”, you can read it here.   We left a beaten half-dead traveler laying along the Jericho Road. He is Jewish. The man who stops to aid him is a Samaritan. The Samaritans were a race hated by the Jews. In return, the Samaritans hated …

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The Jericho Road

  High on the Jericho Road   It’s a story that disturbs me each time I think about it. In Jon Krakauer’s book, Into Thin Air, the author describes the tragic day of May 10, 1996, when over a dozen climbers died during a blizzard in the upper reaches of Mt. Everest. On the Tibetan route near the summit of …

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