Curt at the family’s 1892 homestead with Ivory.

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I’m a Southern writer who is passionate about sharing about the unique area that has been my lifetime home: the pineywoods region of western Louisiana. It is a unique area, long called “No Man’s Land” as well as the “Outlaw Strip” and I deeply love its history, culture, and people.

I’m a storyteller and am always searching for remarkable stories, especially those that reflect my heritage. You can read many of these stories in my thirteen books as well as the one thousand plus blogs found at www.creekbank.net/blog.

My writing manifesto (borrowed and adapted from poet Mary Oliver) is:

  1. Staying Curious
  2. Being Amazed
  3. Sharing Remarkable Stories.

I adhere to a quote by Anthony DeMello:  “the shortest distance between the truth and a human heart is always a story.”

I’m a storyteller from a culture of storytellers.

My life statement is to be a man God can use and be respected by those who know me best.*

*My wife Dee, three sons, their wives, our eight grandchildren, and my extended circle of family and friends.

I seek to live by my life verse: Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.*

*Jesus speaking in Matthew 6:33

My current life words are: Gratitude, Balance, and Kindness.





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One of our most popular books, A Spent Bullet, takes place 75 years ago during the Louisiana Maneuvers.

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  1. where is your next book signing.

    • Carol,

      Thanks for your interest in my books.
      I’m leaving for a month in Uganda in September, so I haven’t scheduled much in the coming months. Stay in touch through our website and blog.
      Be sure you’re signed up on the Creekbank.net home page by clicking on free download of Wayfaring Stranger. That will put your email on our list.

      Thanks again.


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