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Life Planning

We live by our Six Words and the Ten Pin Life Template.

Words to Live By: Integrity

In recovering and writing about my African trip, I’m sharing my favorite six words. The sketch above shows an old deacon’s feet dancing a jig in joy before the Lord. (see his picture and full story by scrolling below.) This wonderful older man is still ...

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The Lone Hostage: Captain Phillips

The Lone Hostage “He to rescue me from danger, interposed his precious blood” –Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing Robert Robinson It’s only appropriate to write about Captain Richard Phillips on Good Friday. Phillips is the captain of the Maersk Alabama, an American cargo ship ...

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What I Value Most

Curt cooking supper at The Old House What I Value Most You can also view this story at Simply type in “Curt Iles” to read my story. I make my living as a storyteller. Some stories are written, others I tell. Most of the ...

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The Writing Life: No Retreat!

No retreat, not even for writer’s doubt. Recently a writing friend expressed her doubts about the quality of her writing. Understanding fully what she was going through, I shared the following: As a writer, I’ve been plagued with WRITER’S BLOCK. However, I routinely suffer from ...

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An Enduring Marriage of 77 Years

76 years of marriage—no, make that 77. They were always together. In my fifty years of knowing them, I can seldom recall seeing one without the other. And that’s how Uncle Gordon and Aunt Letha will live on in my heart. With the recent death ...

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Where is your “Prayer Tree?”

Where is your prayer tree? Jesus, in His sermon on the mount, talked about having a place to get alone with God. In the older Bible versions, He called it a “closet.” The New International Version states it this way: “When you pray, go into ...

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Sleepy Readers and Dumpster Libraries The Writing Life

Sleepy Readers and Dumpster Libraries: Laughing and Writing, Writing and Laughing “If you want to change the world, pick up a pen.” -Martin Luther One of the joys of writing for the public is making friends and receiving feedback. While this feedback is often extremely ...

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A Word Called Resolve

A Word Called Resolve It is one of my five favorite words.* It is the word resolve. There are several uses of the word, but I love the definition that speaks of persistence and grit. Webster’s defines it as “to act with determination, boldness. To ...

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Ready to Move Out

Ready to move out This summer DeDe, Terry, and I took part in a youth camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This area of majestic mountains, covered with vast stands of tall Ponderosa Pines, is one of my favorite places in America. To ...

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