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The Full Life

Where is your “Prayer Tree?”

Where is your prayer tree? Jesus, in His sermon on the mount, talked about having a place to get alone with God. In the older Bible versions, He called it a “closet.” The New International Version states it this way: “When you pray, go into ...

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Sleepy Readers and Dumpster Libraries The Writing Life

Sleepy Readers and Dumpster Libraries: Laughing and Writing, Writing and Laughing “If you want to change the world, pick up a pen.” -Martin Luther One of the joys of writing for the public is making friends and receiving feedback. While this feedback is often extremely ...

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A Word Called Resolve

A Word Called Resolve It is one of my five favorite words.* It is the word resolve. There are several uses of the word, but I love the definition that speaks of persistence and grit. Webster’s defines it as “to act with determination, boldness. To ...

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