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Friday LLL Story Letter

It’s LLL Day (Life Long Learner)

Like most of you, I’m committed to being a Life Long Learner. It’s an attitude. It’s a habit. It’s the desire of my heart. It defines my mantra: Stay curious. Be Amazed. Tell Stories. “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago; ...

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LLL: Thoughts on Life Long Learning

  I. This week’s keyword is Legacy. It’s about investing in what matters. Paying attention to what (and who) will outlast us. II. Life Long Learning   I finished a fascinating book this week, Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance.  It’s a memoir of the problems the ...

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It’s Friday’s and We’re Thinking about Life Long Learning

  What we’re about in 2016: 1.  Staying Curious. 2. Being Amazed. 3. Telling Stories. It’s Friday, which means it’s time to think about LLL. That’s Life Long Learning. It’s the reason I want to stay curious,discover, and share good stories. I. This week’s word ...

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Life Long Learners of the World: Unite!

What I’m about in 2016: 1.  Staying Curious. 2. Being Amazed. 3. Telling Stories. Most Fridays, we’ll be sending out this brief story letter with a simple purpose:  pushing all of us to be a LLL. That’s Life Long Learner. I’m 60 and have never been ...

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Wings and Roots: Purple Martins

An An Adult Male Purple Martin Wings and Roots   If you ask what I like best about purple martins, I’d reply, “It’s how these birds have wings and roots.” One of the joys of my rural life is the six months yearly the martins ...

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