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Some Upcoming Remarkable Events from the Creek

A Word from Curt We’re on a journey and our map is: To stay curious. Continue to be amazed at life. Share Remarkable* Stories with our friends and readers.   *A remarkable sound: a dueling duet between a Cardinal and Mockingbird in our backyard. I wonder ...

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See all 13 of our Creekbank Books (plus several special bundle packages).

Wow!  I wrote my first book, Stories from the Creekbank, in 2000. Not only is it still in print, but it’s a steady seller. I’m so grateful for friends and readers like you who’ve kept my thirteen books “evergreen.” Evergreen is the book-selling term for ...

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From Small Starts Come Large Trees

It’s true.  Many things that seem insignificant can become momentous. Yes, from small starts come large trees. _____________________________________________________________ Kickstarter Update Speaking of small starts: We started our Kickstarter campaign on May 1. We’ve nearly done it. In twelve days, you’ve backed As the Crow Flies ...

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Riding the Sunset Limited with a girl named Elizabeth

  “I’m a thousand miles away from home Waiting on a train.”  -Jimmie Rodgers If you’ve been following my social media this week,  you know I’ve been on a adventure. Monday afternoon I caught Amtrak’s Sunset Limited in Lake Charles and rode it to Los ...

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Future Story: Eliza’s Journey

My great great aunt, Eliza Iles, as she left for the Belgian Congo in 1920. The caravan arrives at the mission house in Congo. Notice the covered hammocks the natives carried the missionary women in. in. This picture was taken in Nov. 1920, over three ...

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Eliza’s Journey: A Future Novel

The following is a proposal and outline on a new book entitled Eliza’s Journey. I’d appreciate your input on the book title, the plot’s twists and turns, as well as the name “Frederick.” (see below. I believe there’s got to be a better name.) Let ...

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