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Heartbroken: South Sudan

Africa: Saturday Snippets: Shots, Sketches, and a Few Stories

These are snippets of our work and life in Africa.

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Heartbroken . . . but still in Love

We’re sharing information on our country of South Sudan. Although we live in Entebbe, Uganda, South Sudan is our assigned country.  We were due to move there next month, but the current fighting has put that on hold. We are truly heartbroken at what is ...

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Heartbroken but still in Love: South Sudan

Heartbroken    This week we our blogging will consist of putting faces on the chaos going on in South Sudan. You’ve heard the stats: at least 1000 dead . . . 150,000 displaced.  Numbers don’t move us like faces and stories. This week you’ll be ...

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Heartbroken: How you can pray for our country, South Sudan

       In the coming days, we’ll be updating this Prayer Post for South Sudan. This will allow you to be praying for peace and stability.     Heartbroken  Thursday, Dec. 26 Read a simple but accurate report on the South Sudan Crisis. Christmas ...

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