The 5 Big Questions of Life

Monday, June 25, 2012

The sun is so bright that I don’t have to prove it exists.

I’m blogging this week on 5 of the biggest questions of life.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list.  It is also not the only list.  I’d love to see your list.

It is simply my list.  These are 5 questions that have strongly affected and influenced my life.

Question 1:   Does God really exist?

It’s the question humans have always asked.  Every society has believed in/longed for a Supreme Being of some type.  I believe it is concreted into our soul to have a Creator-God.

It’s difficult to study our world and not wonder “How did this come to be?”

I love the outdoors and nature.  I’ve studied it as a scientist, historian, and member of the human race.  I cannot believe it just happened by accident.

The wonder of our planet Earth:  the right distance from the sun, spinning at the correct speed, tilted at the perfect 23.5 degree tilt.  It’s part of a design. To have a design, there must be a Designer.  I believe it is God.

The complexity of the natural world.  Animals give off carbon dioxide,  plants/trees take in this CO2 and produce oxygen.

The animal world.  I listened to a mockingbird this morning.  He sang his wonderful song of notes stolen from other birds. He and his song pointed me toward God.

The Northern Mockingbird, that most Southern of birds.


The purple martins currently teaching their young to fly and survive. Next month they will began their long journey to the jungles of Brazil, then in the new year, they’ll journey back to the very box they were born in.  Wow.

The complexity of the human body.  The more I learn, the more I’m amazed.  A brain stronger than the best computer.  A respiratory/circulatory system that keeps precious oxygen and nutrients flowing to every cell.   Amazing.

Holding a newborn, I’m always reminded of the wonder of life.  Once again, I sense the fingerprints of God all over everything around me.

Recently a B-52 flew over our home.  What a plane!  Imagine if the millions of parts making up this huge airplane were dumped in a field. How long would it take for it to form/evolve into an flyable plane?

The answer is never. It’s not going to happen.  too complex and connectively joined.

To believe the human body has morphed into its complex form by chance and selection from inorganic objects takes more faith than my faith in a Creator-God.

I firmly believe God created human life.  I’m not privy to how he did it.  I simply believe he did.

I have no need to prove to you the sun exists.   You can see it and sense its effects.

The sun is strong enough to not need my feeble attempts to prove it.

Even when it is not visible on cloudy days, it’s existence is not doubted.  Even unseen, it affects everything on our earth.

The sun is so bright I don’t have to defend its existence to you.  Neither does God.

Question 1 is “Does God exist?”

I firmly believe he does.  What say you?

Next blog: If God exists, why does he allow _____________?

Curt Iles

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  1. Thanks for doing this….have friends with these exact questions!

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