#WriteYourBookNov18 Webinar

We believe that every journey has a story, and every story involves a journey.

#WriteYourBookNov18 Webinar



“Most men and women go to their grave with their stories still in them.”

That doesn’t have to be you. You can write, and finish, the first draft of your book this November.

And I’m going to help you. I’m Louisiana author Curt Iles and I’ve published thirteen books since 2000. I am a full-time speaker and writer with over 3500 blog posts at www.creekbank.net. I’ve learned a great deal about this process of moving words from the heart and head to paper.

I know you can write your book this November!


Why November?  November is National Write Your Novel Month, lovingly known as NaNoWriMo. The goal is for would-be writers, especially novelists, to get their long-held story on paper. Even though NaNoWriMo focuses on fiction, our #WriteYourBookNov18 course is open for any book including memoirs, short stories, family histories, and yes, that novel inside you.

The goal is to write 2000 words per day. This is doable which is doable with discipline and focus. If an author sticks to this, he or she will produce 14,000 words per week and have 60,000 words of first draft quality by November 30.

Writers are encouraged to write the first draft, not worrying about grammar, style, or substance. Simply get it down on your computer.  A first draft is exactly what it implies. It’s only the start, but it’s way more than most people do. The key is that this is your time to write that story that has been burning in your heart.

The heavy lifting of revision and editing come later.

I’d like to invite eight (8) of you to join me on this journey we’re calling the #WriteYourBookNov18 Webinar Course. The course is available for $250 each for the first eight writers who sign up here. You can also sign up with a non-refundable $100 deposit by contacting me at curt@creekbank.net. I’ll communicate with you to get your credit card information or check.

Here’s what you’ll receive as part of the course:

  • Coaching, instruction, and encouragement from me. I want you to succeed.
  • Weekly online group session where we’ll talk about outlining, character development, chapters, and much more. These will take place during each weekend.
  • Free copies of my novels, As the Crow Flies and A Spent Bullet. During November, I’m writing the novel that connects these two stories together, An Owl Called My Name: 1918 No Man’s Land. You’ll have full access to how I write and a chance to help shape my novel. Each participant will have their names listed in the acknowledgment section.
  • I’ll also read and comment privately on two (2) pages of your work for the week.
  • As you wish, you can share your work with other writers in the group. This is an invaluable tool in encouragement and learning. I’ll coordinate that for those who wish.
  • At the end of November, I’ll share a final session on what to do next with your first draft including re-writing, copy editing, and possible publication.

An additional three (3) persons will be eligible to receive more in-depth feedback with personal video sessions weekly for an additional $150.


Don’t delay. We are only taking this small number to ensure a quality experience for each writer.

What you’ll need:

  • A computer.
  • A recent version of Microsoft Word.
  • A determination and discipline to write daily.


It’s time for you to write that book you’ve always wanted.

Don’t put it off. Sign up for the #WriteYourBookNov18 Course today.


Contact Information:

Curt Iles






You may print this out and mail it or email it to curt@creekbank.net

Yes, I want to take part in the #WriteYourBookNov 18 course taught by Curt Iles.

_______Please sign me up and you may charge my credit card a non-refundable deposit of $100.

_______ Please sign me up. I’ve enclosed a check for $100 made out to “Creekbank Stories.” This is non-refundable.


I understand the total cost of the course is $250 and the remainder must be paid by October 31.  I understand that I am responsible for purchasing the Scrivener program and have a computer with Microsoft Word.


Signature                                                                                    Date


We will communicate with you concerning the secure exchange of your credit card information.


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Tell us about your book



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Have you started on this book?   __________

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You can email this form to curt@creekbank.net or print and mail to:  Creekbank Stories PO Box 6060 Alexandria, LA 71307.