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Curt Iles

I write to have influence and impact through well-told stories of my Louisiana and African sojourn.

December 14 Christmas Jelly for you: The Warm Glow of Giving

  We’re blogging Christmas stories. If you enjoyed today’s post, you can read others at Yesterday’s post, “Medic”, is a reader favorite and tomorrow’s, “The Hardest Day of the Year” is especially poignant for those who’ve lost a loved one. The Warm Glow of ...

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December 13 A serving of Christmas Jelly: “Medic”

Medic   “Medic. Medic.” Nazi sniper Unerfeldewebel Franz Schmidt didn’t know English, but in the case of the nearby wounded American soldier, he didn’t need to. The man’s anguished cries were beyond words. Medic. Help. It was somewhere in Belgium on Christmas Eve 1944, and ...

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Dec. 10 A Story for You: “No Room at the Inn”

Copies of Uncle Sam and Christmas Jelly

A word from Curt:  Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for being part of the Creekbank Family. I believe you’ll enjoy one of my favorite stories, “No Room at the Inn.”   From Christmas Jelly: No Room at the Inn They say revenge ...

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Integrity and a Man’s Word

A Word from Curt The following is a second draft story that still astounds me. It will be featured in my upcoming book, A Pineywoods Manifesto: Field Notes on the Full Life. I’m writing it for my grandsons and other young men. I write because ...

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Get your copy(s) of $5 books for stocking stuffers

We are selling two of our most popular books for $5 each Scroll down to learn more. Uncle Sam and Christmas Jelly  are reader favorites and make great stocking stuffers. Let’s make it simple: Email me at with this information: 1. Your name and mailing address 2. How ...

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You’ve got a problem; we’ve got a problem. I have a solution

Click here to order. Scroll down to learn more. Uncle Sam and Christmas Jelly are reader favorites and make great stocking stuffers. _________________________________________ You have a problem:  hard to buy for Christmas gifts. We have a problem:  Stacks of Christmas Jelly and Uncle Sam. I ...

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On Relationships: Dogtrot Porches and Gravehouses

  This is a draft of the first chapter of my upcoming book, A Pineywoods Manifesto: A Field Manual on Life Even though it’s a draft, I’m sharing. I solicit your feedback.   CHAPTER 1: ON RELATIONSHIPS: DOGTROT PORCHES AND GRAVE HOUSES I once saw ...

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Sing Your Life Song

A word from Curt November is NaNoWriMo. That’s National Novel Writing Month. I’m leading a group of six writers (I still have room for two more) to write a book (fiction or non-fiction) of 60,000 words. That’s 2000 words per day. The story below, “Sing ...

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Write Your Book Now

Write your book in November  . . .   “Most men and women go to their grave with their stories still in them.” That doesn’t have to be you. You can write, and finish, the first draft of your book this November.   We only have three spots ...

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You’re missing a treat if you’ve not listened to ‘As the Crow Flies’ on Audible.

Cover of As the Crow Flies

For the first time, one of our novels, As the Crow Flies, is on Amazon’s Audible platform. It is professionally narrated by actress Whitney Ann Jenkins and listeners are falling in love with her bringing Missouri Cotton to life. Here is information for your listen to ...

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A Harvest Moon on the Equator

A word from Curt Thanks to all of you who prayed, gave and sent DeDe, my sister Colleen, and me to Africa. We all feel our trips were God-ordained and made a difference for the Kingdom. Once again, thanks! Scroll down to read my latest ...

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A Thought: Bricks Without Fire

A word from Curt The Borderlands Team is compiling a devotional book for Refugees. The following is a short devo I wrote. I hope it blesses your life.     Bricks without Fire   Scripture:  Daniel 3:24-25 24 Then King Nebuchadnezzar . . . declared to ...

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A Final Report from Uganda: Dust on the Bible

    “Please welcome my brother of a different mother.”  – wonderful South Sudanese introduction   Dust on the Bible    “I went into a home one day just to see some friends of mine Of all their books and magazines, not a Bible could ...

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Her name isn’t Naomi or Ruth; it’s Martha

  Thanks for your heartfelt comments to our latest blog. Being present at both the church and burial touched me beyond words.   I met the mother, Martha (We’ve named her Naomi/Ruth), and her two daughters the next day.  They are from the Murle Tribe ...

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