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This is the complete list of Creekbank Stories books.

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Christmas Jelly, our latest short story collection. Now available! $15 per copy


Christmas Jelly: 176 pages  trade paperback   (32 short stories)

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A Spent Bullet, Cover

 A Spent Bullet


Louisiana 1941

Add to Cart  button_order_e_book Copyright 2011  $15.00 Historical Fiction BOOK ONE in the “Louisiana Skies”   series. Elizabeth Reed is a Louisiana schoolteacher who dislikes soldiers. Harry Miller is a Wisconsin soldier who hates Louisiana. See how the sparks fly when they meet in the weeks before Pearl Harbor.   A labor of love woven from the stories of soldiers and civilians whose lives intersected during the largest Army maneuver in Louisiana history.




Uncle Sam, Cover

Uncle Sam: A Horse’s Tale

Add to Cart  button_order_e_book Copyright 2011  $15.00 Children’s book for early readers. Travel with Uncle Sam, a cavalry horse, to Louisiana for the 1941 Army Maneuvers.  It has been fun to watch the face of young readers.  It’s a neat story of the legend of Fort Polk’s wild horse herd and their roots with the United States Cavalry.

“Young people are enjoying Uncle Sam nearly as much as the adults who read it to them.” 

Uncle Sam features the excellent artwork of Jade Ross, an emerging artist from Alexandria, Louisiana.

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A Good Place, Cover

A Good Place

Add to Cart Copyright 2009  $15.00 Second book in “The Westport Series” “Families come out of the storm stronger.”  Teen Mayo Moore recounts the difficult Civil War years in the Louisiana No Man’s Land. I cannot write a novel without a impish boy and faithful dog.  You’ll enjoy Mayo Moore as well as his dog, Bo. “Get that bad bull, Bo.  Show him what you’re made of.”    Mayo lives.




The Wayfaring Stranger, Cover

The Wayfaring Stranger

Add to Cart Copyright 2008 $15.00 First book in “The Westport Series” Irish stowaway meets Redbone girl in mid-nineteenth century Louisiana’s “No Man’s Land,” and discovers love, family, and a land to call home. I always wanted to tell the story of Joe and Eliza, my great great great grandparents.  I researched, dreamed, went to Ireland, wrote, re-wrote and published it. A first novel is like a first kiss.  Sweet and unforgettable.  I still smile when I look at it.  I believe you’ll enjoy it too.





Deep Roots, Cover

Deep Roots

Add to Cart button_order_e_bookCopyright 2012 $15.00 Curt’s latest short story collection. A favorite among our readers.   You’ll enjoy “92 Dry Holes” a story on persistence as well as “You’re the Man” and “Running in the Lobby.” I (Curt) personally believe it’s my best short story book.  It contains favorites from our first four books plus an assortment of new tales that I love sharing when I speak.  My personal favorite is the epilogue,  “Why I Write.” It’s a true story of how one of my books touched a life inside the walls of Angola prison.





Hearts Across the Water, Cover


Hearts Across the Water

Add to Cart Copyright 2006 $15.00 2005 was a year of storms.  Stories of hope from the Asian tsunami, and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We all need hope and Hearts reminds us that even in the worst of times, God is present and good people come forward to serve and share.








The Mockingbird's Song, Cover

The Mockingbird’s Song

Add to Cart button_order_e_bookCopyright 2007 $15.00 Curt’s most fulfilling book written to encourage those who are going through depression. Each of our books are special but this is the one that helps folks the most.  Share it with a friend or family member needing encouragement.







The Old House, Cover


 The Old House

Add to Cart Copyright 2002 $15.00 Our most popular short story collection.  The Old House contains stories that elicit tears, laughter, and memories of times past. Whether it’s “Prof Cavanaugh’s Best Lecture”  or “Dead End Road”  The Old House is a collection of tales that readers return to year after year. That’s Ivory, our famous writing dog at The Old House in Dry Creek.  The guy with the big ears in me.






Wild in the Pines, Cover


Wind in the Pines

Add to Cart Copyright 2004 $15.00 “People often ask,  “Where do all of your stories come from?” I tell them,  “From the wind whispering in the pines.” Contains “A Father’s Love”, “Branded” and other inspiring stories.









Stories from the Creekbank, Cover

Stories from the Creekbank

Add to Cart   $15.00  Copyright 2000   The book that started it all.  Stories celebrates life in a special community called Dry Creek. Features readers’ favorites such as “The Evening Holler” and “A Pair for Life.”






Creekbank Collection Gift Set

Add to Cart   Box set:  $50.00   Features Curt’s first four books in an attractive box set featuring the cover painting,  West Fork II, by Curt’s beloved uncle, Bill Iles. Great for Christmas gifts!  readers will enjoy Stories from the Creekbank, The Old House, Wind in the Pines, and Hearts across the Water.   Published in 2007









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