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Come on in, Mr. Johnson

A Word from Curt


It’s a good word.

A reminder that God is always working. Always present.

No encounter is by accident.

Everything is part of the Plan.

Like in the story below.

Come on in, Mr. Johnson

He’s hunched over the vise in the cramped corner of his shop near Uganda’s Lake Victoria.

Mr. Johnson is making a key.
No machine.
All by hand.
A vise.
A file.
A wall of blank keys.
And skilled hands.
That’s it.

His business sign advertises: Key Cutter. Locksmith.

But I beg to differ.
He is an artist.
An artisan.
With his hands, experience, and a careful eye, he cuts…

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 A word from Curt

Ambushed.  They never saw it coming but I did.

I believe you’ll like today’s post.

A reminder that no moment or day in Africa can be predicted.

A story that follows our daily tripod:

Be curious

Be amazed

Tell about it.

They never saw it coming.

The two men were enjoying an outdoor breakfast.

Their table, sit among the greenery of southern Uganda,

commanded a stunning view of Lake Victoria.

I saw the burglar stealthily sidling up…

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Gulu . . . Looking Back

The Gulu Schoolchildren Statue

Gulu in the Rear View Mirror

We drive through the dusty main street of Gulu, Uganda.

Heading south.

Tired but happy after two weeks of Up Country travel.

Leaving the land of cold showers and hot cokes for the relative comfort of our home along Lake Victoria.

I feel a tinge of sadness.

Will I ever be in Gulu again?

It’s the town I cannot get out of my mind.

The home of the Acholi people.

The place where the reviled LRA sprung from.

That’s the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The most misnamed rebel army in history.


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From the Land of Double Negatives

I’ve just spent two weeks on the edge of a Civil War.

I don’t how to describe it without using double negatives.

I ain’t never seen nothing like it. 

It’s all right (sometimes) to use a double negative.

For emphasis.  To catch the attention of a reader or listener.

My heart song*, How Firm a Foundation,  uses a double, followed by a triple, negative on its final verse:

The soul that on Jesus has fully reposed

I will not, will not, desert to its foes.

That soul, though all hell should endeavour to shake,

I will…

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See Dirt? Throw Seed!

A sower went out to sow . . .

A Word from Curt


Whatever it takes.

That’s our job on sowing gospel seed in Africa.

When you see dirt, throw seed.

These are the men and their wives who are sowing Gospel seeds across South Sudan and its borderland refugee camps.

The past three days have been spent in Ugandan refugee camps where churches have been planted and lives changed.  We were there to visit these dedicated pastors and encourage them.

They encouraged us.

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