Tidbits: Phases of the Moon


A word from Curt I’m living in 1881 and 1882 today. I’m right at 92,000 words on As the Crow Flies.  My goal is to have 100,000 words by the week’s end. In the second draft, we’ll begin cutting down on words.  My goal is ...

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A Short Post on Giving Big

Village Huts

I’m thinking about thanksgiving. Not the day but the attitude. It’s about gratitude. And it should be about giving. All day long, an image has been playing out in my mind. A small dirt-floored church in a northern Kenyan refugee camps. Hundreds of South Sudanese ...

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Driving Miss Daizy

A word from Curt: This is an excerpt from our ebook, Trampled Grass. The read more: “The O Word” from Trampled Grass Today is Grandparent’s Day at Peabody Montessori School in Alexandria. DeDe and I have been invited by Daizy Mae Thomas. She’s our 9th grandchild. ...

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Holding the Rope: Pray for a hunger and thirst to learn more

    Wow. The Life Long Learning journey is the road I want to be on. I call it LLL. Will you pray that DeDe and I will hunger and thirst for learning more? More about God. More above living life. More about how to ...

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The Juxtaposition of “who owns this land.”


Ignore that fancy word. Juxtapositon. It simply means comparing and contrasting. How is an orange like an apple?  How is it different. It’s a big part of how my mind works as I take three steps daily: Being curious Being Amazed. Being Moved to tell ...

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In the Land of Tall Trees

Landmark Longleaf Pine on Longville Gravel Pit Road

                  Young longleaf seedlings underneath the dead landmark tree   I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. Kilmer said it. It’s hard to be a tree. I’ve always seen God’s fingerprints ...

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Is Ingratitude a sin?

iconlogoScreen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.58.12 PM

Western Louisiana is crisscrossed with beautiful creeks and rivers. This is Cherry Winche Creek that winds through SW Rapides and Allen Parishes. Thoughts on the Gratitude-Filled Life I’ve been convicted that “A poor memory is the root of the sin of ingratitude.” We forget the ...

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Memorial Day: A Soldier’s Story

Johnson Memorial in Oakdale, Louisiana.

  A Note from Curt:   It’s a special day of remembrance. Veteran’s Day. It’s important to remember stories of heroes who paid for our American freedom with their lives. There is no better example of this than Sgt. Leroy Johnson of Oakdale, Louisiana. Sergeant ...

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Where Sand Africa meets Grass Africa

The Chadian Veggie Man. The people of Chad are so different from those in South Sudan and Uganda.

  We’re no longer in Africa but Africa is still in us. I’ve been thinking about the Sahel this week. It’s where Sand Africa meets Grass Africa.   “We were showing “The Jesus Film” outdoors in a village. Just at the moment of Jesus’ crucifixion, ...

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Booted out of the Mall

My backyard standing stump desk

                Holding the Rope in Prayer: Pray for DeDe’s tutoring. Pray for Curt as he writes As the Crow Flies. God’s guidance for our precious children and grandchildren.  Thanks for praying! Booted out of the Mall I have ...

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Standing in the Shadow of Freedom

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.49.17 PM

It’s my mantra: Be curious. Be amazed. Tell about it. I arrive at Freedom Baptist Church early. Walking in the auditorium, I stop at a group of photographs on the back wall. I know what it is: black and white photographs of the men and ...

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Home is truly where the heart is

There’s many bigger houses. Taller. More expensive. Older or newer. But the house at 622 Clayton Iles Rd is where my heart is. Built by my parents in 1960. Where my sisters and I grew up. It’s a good place. A good place to go ...

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