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December 18 The Heavenly Choir

                                                     The Heavenly Choir

Christmas season—The Dry Creek Church choir sings beautifully in a way beyond description. It’s much more than a musical . . . it’s a production . . . replete with drama, stories, and best of all, inspiring music.


Joseph and Mary enter the back of our sanctuary. It’s…

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December 17 Christmas Jelly “Too Much?”

Too Much Jesus?

As you’ve noticed, many of the stories in Christmas Jelly are about Jesus.

He is what Christmas is about. We make no apologies for making him front and center of this book.

Once I heard a powerful sermon by one of my favorite preachers, Jason Townley. As the message ended and crowd left, I shook his hand. “Jason, you did well, but I have one complaint.”


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December 16 An Old Feed Trough

This is chapter 16 from my short story book, Christmas Jelly

An Old Feed Trough

When Mary birthed Jesus ’twas in a cow’s stall,
With wise men and farmers and shepherds and all.

- “I Wonder as I Wander”

The old barn looks snakey.

You may not realize snakey is an adjective. It can mean “overrun with snakes.”

In our area of the South, it refers to any place where you expect to find snakes such as “don’t put…

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December 15 The Hardest Day of the Year

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The Hardest Day of the Year

Christmas Eve is not when you expect to stand at the cemetery. I’m here with my friend, Julian Campbell. We’re selecting a gravesite for his sister Kathleen, who died yesterday after a brave ten-year battle with cancer.

It’s fitting I’m with Julian. He and his family helped bury my dad. Now I’m going to help him bury his sister.

I hate death. I especially hate it at Christmas. Death and this holiday shouldn’t…

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December 14 Christmas Jelly for you: The Warm Glow of Giving


The Warm Glow of Giving
It’s the kind of December day Louisiana is famous for: cold and foggy, with a thick humidity that chills you to the bottom of your toes.

I feel kind of like the weather. I didn’t sleep well last night and my personal battery needs recharging. Parking my truck outside the Hope Center, I wipe my boots on the back porch mat before fumbling with a balky doorknob. It finally relents to…

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