Two More Spoonfuls of Christmas Jelly: Dec 3 and 4


My short story collection, Christmas Jelly, was written in 32 chapters.  This allows you (the reader) to enjoy one chapter per day beginning on December 1 and ending on January 1. Here’s your third and fourth helping of Christmas Jelly. Enjoy! December 3 Chapter 3 Stolen Christmas Trees ...

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A Good Word: Resilience

12 Covers

In this week’s story letter: 1. A word called Resilience. 2. Free Download of “My Grandpas’ Boots.” 3. Christmas Sale: all 12 of our books for $100. 4. Filling your stockings with Christmas Jelly. 5.  Photos of “A Day at The Old House.”   A ...

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Two Spoonfuls of Christmas Jelly

Don't miss your daily helping of Christmas Jelly!

  From now until New Year’s Day,  we’ll be featuring stories from our short story collection, Christmas Jelly.   My prayer is that you and your family will enjoy a wonderful Christmas, and you’ll feel the personal presence of Jesus, the King of all Kings. ...

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Christmas Jelly makes great stocking stuffers!

Christmas Jelly, our latest short story collection.  Now available!
$15 per copy

  It’s Christmas and time for a full helping of Christmas Jelly, our popular holiday short story collection. From now until Christmas, you can order copies for $10.00 each. In addition, we’re giving additional discounts for bulk stocking stuffers. (5 copies for $40 and 10 ...

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The Falcon

The Falcon "For Sale" actual ad placed by my dad. Circa 1980.

The Falcon My Daddy had a wonderful sense of humor. You had to know him well to be exposed to how he loved making fun of everything. He could really surprise you at times. We had an old 1963 Ford Falcon that had been passed ...

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Uncle Quincy’s Goose

Crooked Bayou, where six generations of my family have hunted squirrels.

This classic story is from our third book,  Wind in the Pines. Uncle Quincy’s Goose   “He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity.”                       -Proverbs 21:23 This gift of human communication is a wonderful thing. But the corresponding trouble this ...

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What is The Creek? This week’s LLL Letter.


Our weekly The Creek Letter isn’t meant to be one-sided. We love hearing from readers and friends! We enjoy your emails and Facebook messages. The painting below is by my Uncle, Bill Iles. It depicts Crooked Bayou, the stream flowing through our family’s homestead in Dry ...

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Stranger in a Strange Land

He was a Stranger in a Strange Land.   How many days has it been Since I was born How many days until I die -Leon Russell Apr 02, 1942 – Nov 13, 2016 (age 74) Watch Leon perform “Stranger in a Strange Land.”    ...

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A Story for the Flag: “The Tale of Two Caps”


“A Tale of Two Caps” is from our third short story collection,  Wind in the Pines. With our current American conversation over a divided nation, I was reminded of this story.  It’s a timely reminder about the strengths of our country and the challenges we ...

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Your weekly LLL+Letter from the Creek

Best part of writing books: making new friends.  Sam Welch at Camp.  "Aren't you the man who wrote A Spent Bullet?"  Wow.

A word from Curt:  Friendship I’ve been thinking about friendship. Having friends is priceless. Being a friend is a gift you give yourself. Of all the maxims my mom pounded into my head, this may be the best. Link to see my current 6+ Words List.  ...

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There's even beauty in death.  Longleaf on John and Sara Wagnon Estate. Dry Creek, LA

Trespassing   He sees me about the same time I see him. And I’m trespassing. Trespassing on his land. The way he looks at me, I know he knows it. And so do I.   The trouble is I can’t go back: Behind me is ...

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A Story Worth Telling: A Soldier’s Story

Johnson Memorial in Oakdale, Louisiana.

A Note from Curt: As long as I’m alive, the story of Sgt. Leroy Johnson will be remembered. It’s a story worth telling, worth passing on.  We need reminding that our freedom is never free. t’s important to remember stories of heroes who paid for ...

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