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The Gift of Life: 24,550 Extra Days

Herman Clemenson lived 24,500 after Sgt. Leroy Johnson saved his life on Dec. 15, 1944.

The place was Leyte Island, Philippines.

The story is one for the ages.

A word from Curt

I’m on Day 9 in Aga Kahn Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.  My condition is slowly improving as the doctors seek to isolate the bug in my gut.  I’ve named it “Smaug the Dragon.”  

Keep praying.

We are in good hands and our Company is taking great care of DeDe and I.

I’m so excited about today’s blog and the stories behind it. 

24,550 days….

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What if . . .

The Sahel is the region of Africa where the Sahara Desert meets the Green Tropics.

What if . . .

What if you and your church decided to find the Uduk People.

As you can see from the map this group is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

You wouldn’t need a passport.

Just the courage, energy, and curiousity to go find the Uduk in the Metroplex.

What if  . . .

You could be part of an Uduk coming to follow Jesus.

And passing that new belief on to the home…

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Memorial Day: A Soldier’s Story

A Note from Curt:
Happy Memorial Day.

Most of  you know that I’ve been hospitalized for a week for a persistent African bug that has made itself at home in my gut.  Our company sent us to Nairobi, Kenya for advanced care.

Honestly, my condition has little improved. 

Keep praying for us and the medical team working hard to straighten me out.

Curt Iles 
It’s a special day of remembrance.

In the midst of beach trips, cookouts, the Indy 500, and much more,  let us never forget that
freedom has never been free.
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Nairobi, Kenya is one of East Africa’s largest and most important cities.

It’s where we are for the next week or so.

I’m a village person.

My village is Dry Creek, Louisiana.

I’m not crazy about Nairobi.  It didn’t get its nickname, “Nairobbery” by accident.

Africans have a hard time believing there are villages in America.  They’ve watched too much TV and American music videos to believe otherwise.

Until the late nineteenth century,  Nairobi was a small outpost located in the Kenyan foothills east of the Great Rift Valley.

Two things caused its growth.

The Ugandan…

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