Thoughts on the Victory Dancer


  Today would be the 81st birthday of my Dad, Clayton Iles. Spending the month of July in the house he built has brought back such a flood of good memories. He was fun. He was solid. He was my Daddy   “A giant has ...

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A Reader Favorite: The Wash Spot on Crooked Bayou

"Last Day of Season" by Clayton Iles.

The Wash Spot on Crooked Bayou Hear Curt read this story. The darkness always comes more quickly down in the swamp. I’m always amazed to come out of the dark woods at dusk using a flashlight, and then upon entering the open fields, realize there ...

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Best Seat in the House


Best Seat in the House “Come to the woods, for here is rest.” -John Muir October 19, 1996  “A pine knot fire crackles in front of me; a cool breeze rustles foliage that is just going crimson and gold. A half moon glistens overhead and I ...

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The Birds on Crooked Bayou: Who Owns the Land?

Towering Loblolly Pines between my parent's home and The Old House.
Dry Creek, LA

I’ve been reacquainting myself with the land where my roots are deepest. It’s been neat walking the fire lanes and fence rows that make up the end of Clayton Iles Road. I’m renewing friendships with the summer birds of Louisiana.  They are so different from ...

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God’s Timing Is Always Right


  During this season of my life, I’m learning about God’s timing on our Life Road.  It seldom matches ours but is always the best. The story behind this poem is found at the end of post. You can listen to the Audio Podcast read ...

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The Week that Was

A word from Curt We’re doing fine. Splitting time between Dry Creek (with my Mom) and Alexandria (Grandkids and our soon-to-be new house). I’m doing better health-wise.   I’m having more good days than bad days.  Still losing weight (DeDe is making fun of my ...

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The Harvest always follows the Plowing.

Ethiopian farmer putting in his crop.

Plowing and The Harvest.   Enjoy the audio of this story. 1. Be Curious. 2. Be Amazed. 3. Tell about it.   I get in lots of trouble being curious. But I also learn so much. The best stories begin with a simple question,  “I ...

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A Reader Favorite: Bro. Hodges’ Best Sermon


Bro. Hodges’ Best Sermon You’ll enjoy the Audio Podcast of this story.   The preacher stood in the middle of the muddy red clay road staring at the problem straight ahead.   It was a long way from his pulpit, and so he had no idea he was ...

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Branded! Laugh and Enjoy


1. Pay Attention. 2. Be Amazed. 3. Share the Story. That’s basically what I do. It’s who I am. I have a curious soul and a love of stories. It often gets me in trouble but always results in memorable stories. Curt’s note:  I continue ...

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A Pair for Life

Cherry Winche Creek_thumb

This is the first of my stories to be published.  My sweet Mom sent “A Pair for Life” to Home Life magazine in 1991. (See above). Their decision to publish it was the first step in my realization that maybe someone in addition to family ...

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A Reader Favorite: “The Evening Holler”


  For the next week, we’ll be sharing posts from our “Reader’s Favorite” file. My brother-in-law Gordy Glaser’s favorite Creekbank story is “The Evening Holler.” If there’s a short story (or passage from one of our novels) you’d like featured, contact us with the form ...

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LLL: On Life Long Learning

Reading ListJuly2015

One of my key words is Gratitude. I want to live the Gratitude-filled life. Today, I’m especially thankful for all of you who’ve prayed for DeDe and I during our transition back to the U.S. Our hearts are still divided between Africa and Louisiana, but ...

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