Life Long Learning: Friday’s Notes

KeyCreekbankPostcard Best Shot

A word from Curt:  Privilege. We have a choice in life: to view things as a privilege or a burden. Whether to view something as an opportunity or an obligation. A journal reminder: it is a privilege. It’s all in how I choose to look ...

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Photos Worth Sharing

Crooked Bayou, where six generations of my family have hunted squirrels.

Photos of the Week What we’re about: Stay Curious. Be Amazed. Tell Stories. Here are photos that have touched my life in the last week. Enjoy!   In tomorrow’s Friday Life Long Learner blog, I’ll share more about Uncle Rube and As the Crow Flies ...

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“A $1000 Saddle on a $100 Horse”


                  A word from Curt After all of these years, it’s still one of my favorite stories. A humorous story with a good lesson. Enjoy! “A $1000 Saddle on a $100 Horse” This story was told to ...

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It’s LLL Day (Life Long Learner)


Like most of you, I’m committed to being a Life Long Learner. It’s an attitude. It’s a habit. It’s the desire of my heart. It defines my mantra: Stay curious. Be Amazed. Tell Stories. “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago; ...

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A Father’s Love


Listen to the podcast of  “A Father’s Love.”  “A Father’s Love” From the Curt Iles book, Wind in the Pines. The story below always gets two strong reactions when I tell it. First, laughter. That is a good thing. Secondly, many times this story brings ...

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The Sermon in the Hayfield

Listen to an audio of Curt telling this story. The Sermon in the Hayfield   He was one of my heroes, and tomorrow would be his birthday. This is a story of what made him special.     Love is patient and kind. . .    ...

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The Life Long Learner Story Letter Fri. Oct 14

1dec15FrontBusCard copy

                            Order your discounted copy here.                                    Special Offer:  No shipping through October! We believe in the ...

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A Country Man named Billy Ray

Billy Ray He who wins souls is wise. -Proverbs 11:30 It’s a Southern thing, y’all. We like our double first names.  I’ve got my Aunt Margie Nell and my Aunt Lloydell. We all know Billy Bob, Jerry Jeff, and Peggy Sue. And then there’s Billy Ray. In ...

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Having a Life Song and Life Playlist

Curt's 2016 Life Playlist Top Songs

I’m a firm believer in having both a Life Song and Life Playlist. A Life Song is the song that captures your soul and always touches you when you hear it. My Life Song is “How Firm a Foundation.” The final verse is my favorite ...

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L.T.W.B.T.U.F.I. Leave this world . . .

Big pine at Dry Creek Camp.

A tidbit too good to miss         Leaving this World Better . . .   “L.T.W.B.T.U.F.I.” Leave this world better than you found it! It’s a good motto to live by. Whatever we touch. Wherever we go, we ought to leave it ...

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Trampled Grass Photo Gallery

  We’re excited about our newest book,  Trampled Grass. Rather than tell you about it, we’re sharing the best photos from the book and its forty short stories. Scroll down to read a reader favorite, “The Southern Gospel.”               ...

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LLL: Thoughts on Life Long Learning

Quote Tough as the land

  I. This week’s keyword is Legacy. It’s about investing in what matters. Paying attention to what (and who) will outlast us. II. Life Long Learning   I finished a fascinating book this week, Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance.  It’s a memoir of the problems the ...

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