It’s Friday’s and We’re Thinking about Life Long Learning


  What we’re about in 2016: 1.  Staying Curious. 2. Being Amazed. 3. Telling Stories. It’s Friday, which means it’s time to think about LLL. That’s Life Long Learning. It’s the reason I want to stay curious,discover, and share good stories. I. This week’s word ...

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A Story Worth Telling: Louisiana Rain


A Word from Curt A daily goal: Stay Curious  Be Amazed. Tell Good Stories. Louisiana Rain “Rain, rain, Louisiana is your name.”   While making my rounds at the mill, an employee named Harley* enthusiastically stopped me. “Chaplain, do you remember praying with me to ...

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The Deer Hunter

KeyCreekbankPostcard Best Shot

The first real cool spell arrives tonight. It’s time to think about hunting. The following is the best deer hunting story I know. Read and enjoy. This story was told to me by fellow missionary, Bobby Lane (in photo with his son Shep in South ...

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Life Long Learners of the World: Unite!

KeyCreekbankPostcard Best Shot

What I’m about in 2016: 1.  Staying Curious. 2. Being Amazed. 3. Telling Stories. Most Fridays, we’ll be sending out this brief story letter with a simple purpose:  pushing all of us to be a LLL. That’s Life Long Learner. I’m 60 and have never been ...

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The Creekbank Quotes Page


We love quotes. They motivate us. Correct us. Inspire us.   2016 and earlier:                                                               ...

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6 Foot Deep

This classic Bill Iles painting of Crooked Bayou hangs in the home of my sister Colleen Glaser and her husband Gordy.

A word from Curt: Emotion The best stories elicit emotion. Sometimes tears. Other times laughter. Even anger or sadness. A good story creates emotion. Today’s blog is a funny story from an unlikely location,  Dry Creek Cemetery. Enjoy. Laugh. Retell.   “Six Foot Deep” in ...

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A Word from Curt: Prayer

I come from Dry Creek, Louisiana: a land of tall pines and good people.

Today’s word is one I struggle with:  Prayer. I struggle with it because I get so wrapped up in my life and problems, zooming from one chore to another. Lord, teach me to pray. Amen. Reading this story (again) reminded me of the importance of ...

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Homeless in Dry Creek

A Homeless Lady And Jesus said, when you have done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me. – Matthew 25:40   When the teenager saw me, he sprinted over. “Bro. Curt, there’s a homeless lady inside the Tabernacle, ...

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Professor Cavanaugh’s Best Lecture

toh coverOldHouse

  A word from Curt Teacher.  There’s no higher calling.  There’s few professions that can influence as well as a dedicated teacher. The best teacher I ever met was Charles Cavanaugh. This is his story.   Professor Cavanaugh’s Best Lecture Nervously I stood in the ...

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Thoughts on a straight-shooter and we loved him dearly


Today would be the birthday of one of my heroes, Logan Skiles. This is a story about him from Stories from the Creekbank.  Enjoy! If you have a Logan Skiles memory, please comment at the end of this story. He hit it right down the ...

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Holding the Rope

Empty Rocker on Old House Porch, Dry Creek, LA

Each Sunday, we share prayer needs, events of the coming week, and share a story, photo, and more. 3 Prayer Requests for this week: I speak Wednesday night at Palestine Baptist Church in Grant.  This is the church DeDe and I attended after our marriage ...

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911 +15


A word from Curt This story, from The Mockingbird’s Song, features one of the most touching stories from the terrible events of September 11, 2001   A Tight Rope . . . Held by a Tight Friend   World Trade Center North Tower New York ...

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