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Behind Every Journey is a Good Story

Behind Every Journey is a Good Story
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A Death in the Desert

A word from Curt
The word is Astonished.

It’s become one of my favorite words.

It’s great to be nearing age 60 and still be astonished.

Africa is a place of amazement and astonishment.

It surprises you.

Sadly it often surprises with sudden death.

That is what today’s blog is about.  It’s simply my written attempt to come to grips with a death we saw yesterday.  Be patient as I share from my heart.

The Turkana Desert Road

Death in the Desert
“When a…

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Chapter 4 from Trampled Grass: #UpCountry

As you read this, DeDe and I are Up Country in northern Kenya.

We are researching Unreached People Groups at Kakuma Refugee Camp.

The following story is from our upcoming ebook,  Trampled Grass.

You can follow both of us on Twitter with hashtag   #UpCountry.



“I’m going up the country

Got to get away.”

- Canned Heat in “Up the Country”

Most of the stories in Trampled Grass take place in the part of Uganda called “Up Country.”

This rural and wild part of…

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Chapter 2 Trampled Grass


A word from Curt

Our upcoming ebook,  Trampled Grass, will be released in late September.  It contains forty stories about the amazing people of South Sudan and northern Uganda.

The purpose of Trampled Grass is two fold:

1. To share stories that put a face on what is happening in a country we’ve come to love,  South Sudan.

2. To encourage Americans to get involved by praying, giving, sending, and going.  Trampled Grass will retail for $1.99 and proceeds will go to our organisation’s mission fund,  The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

Get your passport out.

Pack your bags and load your camera.


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Preview Trampled Grass Chapter 1

 A word from Curt

Amazed.  It’s a word that we often use in Africa.

Our upcoming ebook,  Trampled Grass, will be released in late September.  It contains forty stories about the amazing people of South Sudan and northern Uganda.

Its subtitle says it all,  “Stories of Courage and Hope.”

We’ve met so many heroes among the South Sudanese refugees as well as the many Madi and Kakwa nationals who’ve opened their hearts and doors to thousands of the…

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