Making Memories: A String of Pearls and Super Bowl I

Jerry Kramer holds Vince Lombardi aloft. I believe this is actually from Super Bowl II.

Today is February 7, 2016.  It’s Game Day. Super Bowl 50, and we’ll  make another string of pearls. Memories. We’re in a season of making memories. And there’s no more important people to make memories with than grandchildren. How do I know? I simply go ...

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Sunset on Lake Victoria near the source of the Nile River.

Up to the Task I watch him run around the yard with his cousins. I have one thought: this isn’t fair. Rylan is a precocious tow-headed five-year-old. He is precocious. That’s just a fancy word for full of life. He is precious. That’s special.   ...

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A beautiful swing. A beautiful smile.

Michael Maddox

East Beauregard Trojans seniors of 2007.  Back L to R:  Michael Maddox, Richie McKay, Terry Iles,  Front   Brady Glaser, Kyle Burk, Tyler Adams        They’ll bury Michael Maddox this morning.  He’ll be wearing his Atlanta Braves cap and shirt. It’s fitting. It ...

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What a novelist does.

My original copy of The Hobbit, circa 1976.

“The historian tells what happened. The novelist tells how it felt.” -E.L. Doctorow     As many of you know, I’m in the midst of writing our fourth novel, As the Crow Flies. It’s the third book in the Westport Trilogy (the first books are ...

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Provisions and Peace

Bob and Nancy Calvert (middle) with David and Renee Crane (and DeDe and I) in Uganda.

  DeDe and I are sharing today about the needs of Voluntary Retiring Missionaries. These are career overseas workers who’ve chosen to take voluntary early retirement in our organization, the International Mission Board.   Here is the outline of our presentation:   Pray for peace ...

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I once was lost . . . but now am found

Luke Iles atop Fake Rock Mtn with Flip

    Losing a dog, leaving a cap It may not seem like a big thing. But to me it was. Dee and I had spent three years without a dog. It’s the only time in our marriage we didn’t own at least one dog. ...

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Dr. King at the Nile

It’s Dr. Martin Luther King Day here in America. My first MLK Day in America since 2011. Once again, my thoughts have returned to Africa today. To Jinja, Uganda. Where the world’s greatest river, the Nile, surges out of one of the world’s greatest lakes, ...

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Meet an unforgettable character named Missouri.

Mock Cover 2 "Bold"

We’re deep into the second draft of our latest novel, As the Crow Flies. I need your help in fleshing out some of the characters, scenes, and storyline. Join our Creekbank Tribe by sharing ideas at the end of this post. Thanks in advance! Today, ...

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A Word from Curt I have two questions today: Where do you go for your lonely place? Where are your sacred spaces?     I’ve chosen to make the first question singular: where is your lonely place? In the first chapter of Mark’s Gospel, the ...

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From Third Base: A Good View

“Rounding third, headed for home. It’s a brown-eyed handsome man.” -“Centerfield” John Fogerty   A Word from Curt My Keyword* for 2016 is Encouragement. It’s one of my 6 Plus Words** for the year. One of the richest seasons of my life was coaching high ...

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Building on a Firm Foundation


Officially, it’s known at the Loma Prieta Earthquake. To me, it will always be the World Series Earthquake. October 17, 1989. Game 3 of the World Series.  The Bay Series:  cross-Bay rivals the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s. Just before game time, this 6.9 ...

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Looking in the Rear View Mirror

Mission Page from Journal 75 Jan. 1, 2015

A word from Curt It’s a new year.   Time for looking ahead. But also time for looking back. I call the rear view part “our  yearly review.” I’m gleaning from my 2015 journals. There are five of them. Uncensored and uncropped. I encourage you ...

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