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Spies in the Land

Prologue: Recently we told you about our upcoming month-long trip to the country of Dido.*

This was a pseudonym for the country of Chad. This large country, twice the size of Texas, contains over seventy unreached people groups. We researched and visited two dozen of them.

As this story below shares, it was a wonderfully difficult trip. We’re currently sharing stories of the hospitality we met as well as the challenges ahead of those who will go…

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Key Prayer Requests


A word from Curt

As you worship today, we’d appreciate prayer on these current items:

1.  Continued blessings on our newest team member,  JD Hull.  He has been a blessing to all of the Chadan family.  He has just left two months of isolated Bush Training and is now in Kampala.  Pray for his continued adjustment.

2. March 6-10: A team from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary arrives in Uganda this week. Pray for Danny Akin and others as they share with our South Sudanese pastors and wives.

3.  Pray for the two…

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Notes from Chad: Roasted Camel and Fried ‘Hoppers

“Man, those fried grasshoppers are crunchy.”

A word from Curt

Chad. It’s a country.

It’s called “The Dead Heart of Africa.”   That’s due to its location.  But it’s also due to the condition of the country.  Chad is a difficult place.  Hot.  Dusty.  Strongly Islamic.  Seemingly always on the edge of trouble.

But after a month in Chad, we found so much to love.  As always, it begins with the people. DeDe and I were showered with hospitality everywhere…

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“Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference” –Mark Twain

Thoughts from a Foolish Chapter: Proverbs 26
 “Never argue with a fool.  Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference “ –Mark Twain*
Wisdom from Proverbs on Fools . . .

On the surface it appears contradictory.  One Proverb says to ignore fools and their foolish words.  The following advises a retort.

Proverbs 26:4-5 NASB
4   Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
     Or you will also be…

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A Prophet Has No Honor . . .

Prophet has no Honor in Dry Creek


From The Old House by Curt Iles Copyright 2002



 This story is nearly too good to be true, but it actually is.The funniest things in life are not fictitious, but real events that take place all around us.

 My next-door neighbors in Dry Creek are Mark and Mitzi Foreman.The Foremans, and their two children, Mavy and Mark, Jr….

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