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Behind Every Journey is a Good Story

Behind Every Journey is a Good Story
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A week to remember

A word from Curt:

Your prayer is oxygen for what God is doing here.

Pray hard.

Pray passionately.

Pray often.

Since Twitter allows only 142 character updates, we’re limiting ourselves to 142 words on this prayer update.

If you would share these praises and requests with your church, your family, and even your co-workers, we would be so appreciative.

142 Word Prayer Request from the Chadan Engagement Team

Curt and DeDe Iles


Praise for:

  • Entrance into Boroli Refugee Camp. This camp has been closed to outside ministry for several months. Pray…
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Storm Fatigue

Prayer Update:

Bob, Robert Franklin, and I leave Tuesday for a trip to Adjumani Camps in Uganda.

Please pray for us as we share from the Storying Cloth, distribute Audio Storytellers in Dinka, Arabic, and Madi.

We’ll be tweeting at hashtag  #UpCountry and Facebook at cur tiles.

“Storm Fatigue” is one of the forty stories in our upcoming ebook, Trampled…

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Gleaning: Sketches and Shots on the Passionate Life

A word from Curt
The word is passion.

It’s how I want to live my life.

And you don’t have to come to Africa to live the passionate life.

Part of my formula for the passionate life is journaling.  It’s been integral to my life since age 17. I’m now on journal #73.  Each weekend, I glean the previous week’s journal entries.  I’m sharing them with…

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Deep Roots Epilogue: “Why I Write”

Epilogue: Why I Write:

“If you’re able to quit writing, you probably should.” -Cec Murphey

I write for the simple joy of expression. I have fifty-one journals that I’ve filled with stories, dreams, ideas, and the journey of my life since age seventeen.

If I never published another single word, I’d still write. It’s what I do. I guess it’s who I am. I have one final story that expresses the reason that I publish and share my writing:

The man’s voice was so soft that I shifted the telephone receiver to hear…

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From Deep Roots: Trespassing

During July our oldest son Clay and his wife Robin have been visiting.

Best of all, they’re brought  their four children.

Our wonderful grandchildren: Maggie, Luke, Jude, and Noah.

We’ve not hugged them since January 2013.

DeDe and I plan to make up for that during their visit.

I plan on being a full-time grandpa while they’re here.

We’ll be posting stories from my favorite Creekbank book,  Deep Roots.

We hope you’ll enjoy these short stories posted on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Thank you for the privilege of sharing…

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A Stranger in a Strange Land

Relationships are the best part of Africa

A word from Curt
The word is astonished.

It’s a good word about being amazed, touched, inspired, even disturbed.

As a stranger in a strange land, I’m daily awestruck  by the people and land of Central Africa.

Join us on this astonishing journey.


The language/cultural barrier

I’ve become friends with Anthony, a computer technician with Burt Systems in our hometown of Entebbe. I asked him what I owed him for my latest visit.

“20,000 shillings.”

That’s about $4 USD.  “Anthony, are you sure that’s enough?”

“It’s O.K.”

I was…

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Showdown on MacArthur Drive

 This story, from Deep Roots, is one of my favourites to tell to a live audience.

“He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity.”

-Proverbs 21:23


The fight on MacArthur Drive was one-sided, and although it was over quickly, it’s never been forgotten.

To truly appreciate Donald Perkins’ famous lop-sided 1970 scuffle in the middle of MacArthur Drive’s four lanes, you must understand where he came from.

The place is called Pitkin.

Pitkin. I’ve always liked the way it rolls off your tongue. They…

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“Le petit Baton Rouge”

This is one of my favourite stories from Deep Roots.


“Le Petit Baton Rouge”

The strong smell of hot peppers and vinegar stings your eyes and nostrils when arriving at Avery Island, Louisiana.

You’re at the home of Tabasco Hot Sauce, south of Lafayette, Louisiana.
Avery Island is not an actual island. It is a rounded hill rising above the surrounding flat marsh. Its elevation is due to the underground salt dome beneath the “island.”
This salt dome led to development of the world’s most famous hot sauce. Salt is one the three major…

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