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The Best Stories are Always Self-Effacing

This story’s too good not to share.

The best stories always poke fun at the writer.  This fits the bill.


The Suggestion Box

I still laugh everytime I think about it.

The year was 1990.

My friend and mentor, L.D. Spears, had taken a year of sabbatical and left East Beauregard High School in the shaky hands of me and Tim Cooley.

I was acting principal for that year.

Tim Cooley, a coach and English…

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Holding the Rope: 3 Prayer Requests


It’s Sunday.

With your permission, we’re mentioning several prayer requests for Uganda and our region of Africa.

As you worship today, please share these with your friends, families, and fellow church members.

1.  Pray for our colleague J.D. “Jonathan” Hull.  J.D. is scheduled to move into the South Sudanese Bush with  team members the Lane and Jeremiadoss families.  His priority will be learning Sudanese Arabic.  Pray!

2.  Later this week, our home church in Louisiana arrives to visit their unreached people group, the…

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Saturday Shots: 5 Photos to make you smile.

It’s Saturday.

You’re beginning your day (if you’re in America).

We’re eight hours ahead and watching the African sun sinking lower.

It’s a good time to look back over the recent week(s) and share photos.

Ververt Monkey. He may look cute but he’s a four-legged thief.

UN trucks on their way to the South Sudan war zone.  Taken on the Kampala-Juba road in northern Uganda.  These are the first Ford trucks I’ve seen with UN logos.  Normally, they use Toyota Land Cruisers and Hilux trucks.

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Different Mother, Same Father

3 Key Prayer Points:

  • Our home church, Dry Creek Baptist (La), arrives on May 7 for a week among their people group, the Kakwa.
  • Curt and DeDe as they plan a late May trip to the Gambela region of Ethiopia.
  • Wisdom and safety as we choose where to go in the coming months.
  •                               Acholi Landmark Tree near Gulu, Uganda.  Notice truck driving on “wrong side of the road.” 

    Different Mother, Same Father


    I’ve always had a love affair with…

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    A word from Curt

    Africans call it “Footing.”

    It’s a verb.  As in “I’m footing today.”

    I’ve discovered that to really know Africa, one must “go footing.”

    Or as we’d say back home in the land of the pines and missing g’s, Footin.

    I grew up at the dead end of a one mile gravel road.

    Daddy always said when we heard a car crunching toward our house,  “They’re either lost…

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