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Sunday Prayers

A Word from Curt
What a good word.

“Where do you pray?” This is the lead question many Africans ask. It’s an honest inquiry about your faith.

Where do you go to pray? In our culture (here) it’s not intrusive or rude.

As you go to pray on this Sunday, would you please share these three requests with your church?

1. Three men from our home church in Dry Creek (LA) began their long journey to Uganda today. Lift up Todd, Aaron, and Garrett as well as their families. We’ll be traveling Up…

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Wish you’d been there . . .

A Real Southern Gospel Quartet

Flash prayer need: A team from our Louisiana home church will be working among the Kakwa during the next two weeks. Pray for Aaron, Todd, and Garrett as well as our church leaders in Uganda and South Sudan.

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Nothing connects with a person quite like the truth in their heart language.
I’d never seen anything like it. It was just like the Book of Acts.

The service was in full swing African mode…

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“Leaning Trees” from Deep Roots

A word from Curt

It’s the truth: with God, the best is always yet to come.
That doesn’t mean life gets easier.

Aging normally means life becomes more difficult.

That can be, and often is, true.

But as our Jesus-Walk deepens,

The way is sweeter.

And beyond this life, we have a Hope.

A Hope that is steadfast and sure.

Leaning Trees

“When I observe a young person I experience two strong emotions. First, I feel great affection for the young person they are. Then secondly, I feel a deep respect for the adult they will…

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Travel: A Prayer for Packing

A word from Curt
On the Road.  It’s the way we spent much of our time.

We’re often carrying money in three (sometimes four) currencies.

I’m not complaining. It’s a privilege to travel, share the Gospel with new friends, and learn from Africa.

Tomorrow (5 October 2014) we leave for an extended trip to Kenya.  As always, we covet your prayers.

Below is a poem/prayer I…

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Sketches and Snippets of Africa

To read the entire “suitcase” story, scroll down to the blue text.

Sketches of Africa

The Weight

It seems everyone is African is carrying something heavy.
All day.
All of the time.

We saw it all– most of the items carried on the bearer’s head. My favorite was the lady carrying an old Singer sewing machine on her head, arms free.

One boy riding a bicycle with probably three dozen eggs balanced on his head.

The Holsum bread man balancing homemade buns on the long stick across his shoulders.

This is a 1921 photo taken by my…

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