Rob Lindsey and his car

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms   “The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” –Deuteronomy 33:27   I know it is still there—page 276 in the old Broadman hymnal—that old classic hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.” I can still hear ...

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Getting over the Wall

My favorite longleaf pine photo.  These stand of mature pines is east of our former  house in Dry Creek.

Wow! Wow!  What a good word. ‘Wow’ infers that something caught our attention and amazed us. It is a companion to my three note song of life: 1. Stay curious. 2. Be amazed. 3. Tell a story The “Wow Story” presently moving my heart is ...

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The 5 Million Dollar Lie

Empty Rocker on Old House Porch, Dry Creek, LA

Some are saying it cost him $10 million dollars in endorsements. The lower estimate is that Ryan Lochte’s string of lies cost him at least $5 million in future earnings and endorsements. $5 million or $10 million lost.  That’s a pile of regret. And it ...

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Baptist Beer in a Dry Creek

A can of Budweiser Water AKA Baptist Beer.  Circa 2005 Hurricanes Katrina/Rita

We continue in prayer for our Louisiana neighbors and friends affected by the flood.  In the midst of this devastation, the good people of my state have shown again why Louisiana is a great place.  We take care of each other when the chips are ...

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Ordering Your Copy(s) of Trampled Grass

  I believe so deeply in Trampled Grass that we’re making it super easy to order your copy.  Simply complete the form below and submit.  We’ll send your autographed copy with an invoice. Curt Iles  There are few things more powerful than a story.  This ...

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The Memoirs of Pearl Iles Stockwell

The Old House at the edge of Crooked Bayou Swamp
Built/Homesteaded circa 1892   John Wesley and Sarah Lyles Wagnon

  These are the memoirs of my grandmother, Pearl Stockwell Iles. Overview of the life of Pearl Iles   Preface by Bill Iles     Page 1 Page 2   Page  3 Page 4   Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 ...

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Remembering: A Pearl of great price

MaMa Pearl at my East Beauregard High School graduation, May 1974.

A word from Curt Remembrance. It’s a good word. Today, I’m remembering my precious grandmother, Pearl Stockwell Iles. Today would be her 101st birthday. She was MaMa Pearl to me, and she filled my life with love. I speak for all of her wide family. ...

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The Rope: How you can help

Photo of the year: tired boy after my stirring Missions Talk. I shook him awake after other boys left. "Hey, I put you to sleep. Now I'm waking you up."  He stared around the room unsure of where he was.  "You're at Piney Woods Boys Camp," I said,  "In Woodlake, Texas."

Scroll down for photos and notes from a week to remember. Holding the Rope: We depend on our friends to pray for us.  We call it holding the rope.  Here are the priorities for the coming week: We’re teaching a Bible study to college students ...

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Louisiana Rain: a short post

There is great power in unified prayer. A scene from a Sturgis Bike Rally.

Louisiana Rain A word from Curt:  Prayer. It’s a powerful word because it links us to a powerful God. The following story occurred this week during my chaplain work at Roy O. Martin’s two mills. Enjoy. Stay curious. Be amazed. Tell a story   While ...

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A Tall Pine Knot Pile: Thoughts on Earthly Treasure


Dry Creek’s finest and biggest pine knot pile in the yard of my friends, Mark and Kari Miller. The following is a short sad story on how I lost my own pile. Earthly treasures, pine knot piles, and 401 (K) accounts All of a sudden, ...

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Louisiana Evacuees: You may be displaced but never misplaced.

Back cover of Trampled Grass

Today’s blog post comes from our new book,  Trampled Grass. Learn how you can download a free copy or buy your autographed copy at www.creekbank.net This story,  “Misplaced” has been on my mind all week. These words are so pertinent during this time of crisis ...

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Keep on Paddling

KeyCreekbankPostcard Best Shot

  From Stories from the Creekbank by Curt Iles   Keep on Paddling Our canoe drifted into the swift cold waters of the White River. All of a sudden we’d left the calm waters of the narrow Buffalo River and now were paddling furiously upstream ...

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