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Sunday Prayer January 25

Prayer is like oxygen.  We must have it or die.

That’s so true for those of us who live on the edge in Africa.

We cannot go unless folks like you are praying.

We thank you for “holding the rope” in prayer.

We beg you to continue.

Here are our major prayer needs for this week:

1. We are “Up Country Uganda” bonding with our newest team member, Jonathan Hull.  Pray for JD (my name for him) as he…

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Every Picture Tells A Story: Photos to Remember

1. Be Curious

2. Say “Wow!”

3. Tell Stories

Those three things are what I mostly do in Africa.

I’m a storyteller.

It’s what I do.

It’s who I am.

I have a very serious job here in the Chadan cluster.

DeDe and I are focused on our Big Three jobs for this year:

1. Getting God’s Word into the hands, hearts, and ears of the least reached in Chadan. You’re already a part of this through your giving. 

2.  Connecting our church leaders to our…

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Lifting the Barn . . . Together

Lifting the Barn. Together we can do it.

Even if you skip today’s post, don’t miss this video of several hundred people moving a barn in Nebraska.

“I  have to do this myself and I can’t do it alone.”

What a paradoxical statement.

Today’s story is about the tension between owning a task and sharing it.

That leads us to  today’s word.


It’s my favorite…

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Sunday Morning Prayer Needs

Uganda is highlighted on this African map.  South Sudan is directly north.

Please use the share button(s) above so others can pray for our Chadan Team.

It’s Sunday morning in America.

We’re nine hours ahead of CST, so it’s Sunday evening.

Prayer is like oxygen.  We must have it.

It’s not an option in Africa. We must know you are “holding the rope” in prayer.
 Our Big Four Prayer needs for the week:

  • 1.  Clarity as we work on connecting Chadan church leaders to our African seminaries and American sponsors.
  • 2. That…
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Every Picture Tells a Story

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It’s Saturday.

That means it’s picture day.

There’s purpose in this: every picture does tell a story.

And a picture is worth a thousand words.

In fact, in Africa, it may be ten thousand.

Here are photos from this past week as well as our sojourn in America.


Care Package going to the Jeremiadoss family who serve in South Sudan. It’s all…

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