A God of Second Chances

“Oh God of second chances, here I am again.”

I’m glad God gives second chances (or more).

We all need a mulligan at some time in our lives.

And He is a God of forgiveness and restoration.

A God of second chances.


Don’t believe me?


Take a trip with a world traveler named Jonah.

He made the most of his second chance.


Then, there’s David, a “Man after God’s own heart” who became an adulterer and murderer.

He received forgiveness, and it humbled him for life. His best writing and songs were after his train wreck.

later, there’s the story of Simon Peter.  A simple fisherman who followed the Master, then denied him in the heat of battle, before taking advantage of his second chance.

Faithful until death.


Our God is truly a God of second chances.

If you need a second chance, His screen door is always unlatched.

The first step is yours, on this journey of second chances.


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