The Sin of the Pineywoods

Clayton Iles Road in the early sunlight.

There is one cardinal sin of the Pineywoods:   “Forgetting where you come from.”


Or to state it as a maxim:

“Always remember where you came from.”

Many of my friends have stayed in Dry Creek their entire lives. That’s a good thing.

Some leave the nest and fly on to bigger and better things, but they shouldn’t forget (or be ashamed) to say, “I come from Dry Creek, Louisiana.”

Remember where you came from, and remember you didn’t get where you are alone.

There’s a third group, like me, whose bodies are in another place, but our feet and heart are firmly planted in Dry Creek.

Because we live closeby, we return early and often.

I go weekly for my “Dry Creek Fix” and I return a different man.

My stationary lists my residence as Alexandria, Louisiana/Dry Creek, Louisiana.

You see, by God’s grace I haven’t forgot where I come from:  A dead end road south of the village of Dry Creek, admidst the Louisiana Pineywoods in an area once known as “No Man’s Land.”

It’s where I come from.


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