Going Back in Time: A Visit to Spring Ridge

There’s not too many places you can still find a cattleguard. A “cattle gap” has a unique sound when you drive over it.
How would you describe the sound of tires on a cattleguard?
(Aimwell Hills, Catahoula Parish)

A Visit to Spring Ridge

“Lord, help us to remember our past, so we know where to go in the future.”

-Ken Terry

Stay tuned to this blog post over the next several days. We’ll be traveling to a time and place that most don’t know exist.

Journey with us to Spring Ridge Cemetery Day in the Aimwell Hills of Catahoula Parish.

My wife’s people are from Catahoula Parish. Before her ancestors settle in the village of Harrisonburg, they lived out in the Aimwell Hills.

Each year on the first Sunday in May, their descendants gather at Spring Ridge Church for Cemetrty Day.

Spring Ridge Church has been closed since the time of the War. (Legend has it that J.Y. McGuffee kept his membership there until death).

Today’s meeting was held during bad weather. I expected the crowd to be down, but the small church was packed.



Muddy road at Spring Ridge Church. You’ve got to really want to get there.


We’ll adding photos to this post over the coming days. Stay tuned.

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