Aisle Three at Walmart

“Help Needed On Aisle Three”


“Son, there’s only one thing you need to know if you’re going to marry my daughter . . . ”

My cousin Mark Roy died suddenly last week.  I am saddened by Mark’s death and am praying for Debbie, their three daughters, and Mark’s mom, Aunt Florence Roy.

If there’s one word to describe Mark “Pine Knot” Roy, it would be exuberant.  He lived life to the fullest and never held back. I believed he died with no regrets.

Mark also died in the Lord. What I mean is that he had an intimate personal walk with Jesus. You didn’t have to be around him long before he worked Jesus into the conversation.

Please bear with me when I say Mark had a fine funeral. It was worthy of the life he died. Many of the tales were larger than life, but that was Mark. He was larger than life.

This common story was told by each of his son-in-laws:  “When I went to Mr. Mark to ask for the hand of his daughter, he sized me up before saying,  ‘Yes, I’ll give you permission, but rememeber this ain’t WalMart. We don’t take returns.'”

I’m happy to say that Mark and Debbie’s three daughters and their husbands are all solid and haven’t needed returns or refunds.

They’re solid.

That’s a good word.  Solid.  It means steadfast.

That’s two more good words to desribe my cousin and friend, Mark Roy.

As befitting his nickname, Mark “Pine Knot” Roy was solid.

He was steadfast.

He was made out of good wood.



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