That Showing-Off Moon of Ours

I looked up at the full moon as it rose last night.

“Boy, you’ve had a busy April.

First, you totally blacked our closest star, the Sun, during that Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th. You were in the new moon phase but helped put on a show for the ages.

“Now, here you are as a full moon showing off again on the 23rd with a brilliant moonrise.

Yep. You’re just showing off.”

Is it strange to speak to the moon? I’ve done stranger things.

When I watch a bright full moon rise above the pines, I think that if a full moon occurred only once every one hundred years, the world would come to a complete stop to watch it.

It happens monthly, and in our light-polluted, busy, inside-AC-lives, we pay little notice of this stunning event.

He’ll rise tonight at about 8:43 PM CDT; not quite full but still showing off. Find some open sky to the East.

Tell him hello for me.

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