She smiled at me, and I was changed.

She smiled at me, and I was changed.

Thursday, April 18, 2024   


Oschner’s Hospital 

New Orleans, Louisiana


I saw the lady as she passed my table in the busy atrium of Oschner’s Hospital.

She was walking briskly, and I immediately saw she had no arms, only nubs that ended past her shoulders.

Then I noticed something else. She was carrying a purse.

I smiled at the amazing human resilience around us if we slow down and look.

She was an armless lady, and she was carrying a purse.

Later, when she returned, I couldn’t resist, “Good morning, Ma’am. How are you?”

She stopped, smiled a rich Louisiana smile, then spoke in the distinct accent of New Orleans, “Well, I’m fine. And you?”

“I’m doing well. I really am.”

She smiled, then continued on her way.

I watched as she melted into the atrium crowd.

Most of the time, we wait for God to zap us with a lightning bolt or thundering earthquake.

But He most often changes us moment by moment, person by person.

I was changed.

Changed by an armless woman walking by with her purse.


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