First Snake of the Year

First Snake of the Year


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

It’s mid-April, and the snakes are crawling out of their winter homes.  The warmer nights are the impetus for them to stick their heads above ground.

I’ve spent the winter months not worrying about where I walk or put my hands. But that is changing. I’m waiting to see my first snake of the year.

I have a healthy fear of snakes.  I carefully watch the ground as I tramp through the woods.

If I come across a poisonous snake, I’ll happily dispatch it if  I have a stout stick or hoe nearby.

As a whole, I  leave the non-poisonous ones alone. I let them be.

With one exception, I’ll always kill a Texas Rat Snake, commonly known as a chicken snake.

If you love birds, you the head of any chicken snake you come across.. They make their living in the Spring on songbird eggs and chicklings.

Another reason I dislike them is their spropensity to dwell in old, vacant houses. Being in the same Old House room with a chicken snake is harrowing.

One of us has to go, and it ain’t me.

I have my favorite Louisiana non-poisonous snakes. I’ve spent my life catching hognose, king, grass, and garter snakes.  These are good snakes and should be left in the wild.

But I would never touch a copperhead, cottonmouth, or canebrake rattler.

It’s best to stay away from them.

Sin is the same way,

Stay away from it.

Remember this,

“Sin will take you further than you wish to go.

Sin will keep you longer than you want to stay,

and sin will make you pay more than you’re willing to pay.”


So here’s a good reminder:  be careful where you put your hands, feet, and heart.

Watch carefully about the path you’re taking.

Because there are snakes out there.


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