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 I’m Curt Iles, a Louisiana author who has recently moved to Alexandria. I’m excited about sharing about A Spent Bullet. I’ve written twelve books and A Spent Bullet, published in 2011, is my favorite.

This historical novel asks the question: Can two young people from diverse backgrounds and each carrying dark secrets, find love during the difficult days leading up to Pearl Harbor?

 I grew up in western Louisiana and heard numerous stories from my family and older neighbors about the time when the soldiers came. The 1941 Louisiana Maneuvers was a historic event that changed the rural part of our state as well as the American soldiers who took part.

The plot and tales that became A Spent Bullet were birthed from this memorable time when Louisiana helped prepare the United States Army for World War II.

A Spent Bullet won the Outstanding Book Award at the 2011 Blue Ridge Writers Conference and continues to be enjoyed by readers of all ages and backgrounds.

I’m willing to work with book clubs by:

  • Sending a review copy to book club leader for consideration.
  • Providing discounted bulk copies for orders of ten books or more. (Discounted $10 per book)
  • Making a personal book club visit where I would discuss the novel, share anecdotes and artifacts.
  • Visiting by Skype/Facetime as requested or due to distance.


Thanks for your consideration.


Curt Iles


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