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It was a day to remember

Friday, September 23, 2005/Day 0 for the arrival of Hurricane Rita

It was ten hours before Hurricane Rita slammed into SW Louisiana. A crowded room of Beauregard Parish officials and citizens listened intently as emergency preparedness leaders went over last-minute plans for the upcoming storm.

As the meeting wound down, one of the leaders said, ‘Sheriff, would you like to say a word?”

Bolivar Bishop had been Beauregard Parish sheriff for thirty-four years. He’d won the respect and confidence of every man and woman in the room.

From his spot against the back wall, Sheriff Bishop calmly said,  “I appreciate how everyone has worked together to get ready.  Don’t worry, there won’t be any Katrina-type looting here. Our people will help take care of your roads and homes.”

There wasn’t even the squeaking of a chair in the room as Sheriff Bishop finished, “We’ll get through this together. We’ll be all right,”

My sheriff had spoken, and I believed him. We’d come out of this all right and then get up after the storm.

He was my sheriff. The epitome of quiet leadership.

Yes, he was my sheriff, and he always will be.

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“The Quiet Leader” blog/podcast is the writing and speaking ministry of Creekbank Stories, where we’ll share stories and lessons about the timeless qualities of effective leadership, servant/leader.

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Who is Curt Iles?

Curt Iles is a Louisiana-based author and speaker with a down-to-earth style. He is the author of thirteen books, including four novels, and has posted over 1500 posts at the Creekbank blog. You can learn about his books and platforms at

Curt is a storyteller and believes the best way to communicate truth is through memorable stories.

He has spent his life studying leadership, an amazing subject. In his blog and podcast, he shares stories and lessons from leadership at all levels. Curt draws on his experiences as a teacher/coach, high school principal, church camp leader, overseas missionary, writer, and father.

The Quiet Leader blog/podcast will also rely on a lifetime of reading, observing good (and poor) leaders, and a philosophy of what entails effective leadership.

He and his wife, DeDe, live in Alexandria, Louisiana, near their nine grandchildren.

Learn more about Curt at

Curt is an engaging seasoned speaker, if you’re interested in him speaking to your group, contact us at creekbank,

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