The Best Part Of Writing And Living: Relationships

The Best Part of Writing and Living: Relationships

Shown above is my nephew Adam Terry. He’s showing off a copy of “God’s Timing” a poem I wrote. (See end of blog for reprint of poem)



Adam is congressional aide for Rep. U.S Congressman Rodney Alexander.


He and and his wife Jenny live in the Washington D.C. area and are faithful followers of my blog.


DeDe and I are extremely proud of them.









Also shown in one of my “daughters in the Lord,” Evan Adams. Evan and her partner in crime, Hailey Guidry, traveled with DeDe and I to South Africa in 2008. Both of these “African Queens” are going back for a month of orphanage work after their HS graduation in 2010. If you’d like to support their trip, I can put you in contact with them.






Evan helped recently at Books a Million on cover ideas for A Good Place. You can see the result below.





















Click on image for larger view






Special thanks to Chad Smith at The Touch Studios for this great cover.






* God’s Timing is Always Right 


God is very seldom early

But He’s always right on time.

When the need must be met by midnight,

He’ll supply at 11:59



Just as Moses stood in the water

At the edge of the Red Sea,

God waits until the very end

To supply our every need.





If you wonder why He has this habit

Of waiting till the end,

He does it to remind us

He’s the one on whom we must depend.





For if we worked it out early

And provided in our own strength,

We’d think we all did it

And not realize it was from Him.





All God really wants from us

Is to trust Him everyday

And to always say, “Thank you”

As He directs us along life’s pathway.





Yes, God is very seldom early,

But I’ve never seen Him late.

In faith we can completely trust Him

To meet our needs in His own time . . .and His own way.






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