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The Mockingbird’s Song

The Mockingbird’s Song


One Bite at a Time

While editing this book, I would reward myself at a chapter’s end by a slice of Red Delicious apple. The sweet slice would melt in my mouth, making the work and waiting worthwhile.

Eating the apple, slice by slice ,was so much better than devouring it in one sitting. I was able to savor each bite.

That’s how I recommend reading The Mockingbird’s Song. It is designed to be read “one bite at a time.” It is purposely written in story fashion. I firmly believe a story from the heart can carry truth where mere words may not penetrate.

The subject of depression is weighty, emotional, and can be overwhelming. Reading a chapter a day is a good way to make this book your own. I encourage you to use it as a daily devotional guide as you read it “one slice at a time.”

My heart’s desire is that The Mockingbird’s Song will inspire and encourage—one life at a time.

Curt Iles

Dry Creek, Louisiana

October 2011

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