Sat. April 24

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Today I'm writing about farming. Photo is of Ethiopian boys walking their donkey home from market. Axum, Ethiopia 2008

It’s a rainy day in Louisiana.

But that’s not a bad thing.

All of the local gardens and fields need rain.

It’s been dry in Dry Creek (the world’s most overworked pun for my ears)

We’ve been under a burn ban.

Everything that comes our way is from God.

So I’m going to be thankful

On this rainy day in Louisiana.*

*One of my favorite song lines:  “It’s a rainy night in Georgia/Such a rainy night in Georgia/I believe it’s raining all over the world.”                                              -Rainy Night in Georgia

2. Sowing I’m studying Jesus’ wonderful parable of the Sower/Soils in Matthew 13:1-8.  If you have any stories or comments on this parable, I’d love to hear them.  I’ll be teaching this parable twice this week.   New Life Baptist in DeRidder (Sunday morning) and Freedom Baptist in Ten Mile (Monday-Wednesday evenings.)  Pray for God’s guidance as I study and teach.


  1. Hey, Curt, do you remember Grady Nutt? He wrote a small book about a supposed 13th disciple — a little boy. The book looks back at some of these great parables or events in Jesus’ life. On the one of the soils, the bottom line was the realization that all 4 soils exist in each of us — and God’s teaching and Word falls on the various soils in us — with the results Jesus notes. Yes, it does point to various types of people, but we also have those soils at work in us.

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