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December 29: Sharp Hooks

December 29  Sharp Hooks   Reas Weeks was a Dry Creek legend who lived and died before my time. He was a bachelor who lived in a remote area along Bundick Creek. He never owned a vehicle or held a regular job. He supported himself by fishing, hunting, and farming. He was known as the best creek fisherman in our …

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December 30 Moving Out

        A Word from Curt   Grateful. Gratitude is one of my 6+ words for 2016. I’m thankful for the wonderful gifts in my life. Today I’m thankful to have the calling of writing. It’s what I do. Who I am.  I’m thankful that you have chosen to read this blog and allow my heart to hopefully …

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December 20: A Danish Christmas

                     Christmas Jelly. Learn more at www.creekbank.net   This is chapter 20 from Christmas Jelly. It’s written by one of my favorite people, Erik Pederson.  Mr. Erik touched all of us with his love, humor, and smile. He’ll always be missed in Dry Creek.   I encouraged him to write this story and …

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December 19: Tractor Time

Christmas Jelly is our latest book of short stories. Learn more at www.creekbank.net   Tractor Time     When this old world starts getting me down And people are just too much for me to face. I climb way up to the top of the stairs And all my cares just drift right into space. On the roof, it’s peaceful …

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Christmas Jelly makes great stocking stuffers!

  It’s Christmas and time for a full helping of Christmas Jelly, our popular holiday short story collection. From now until Christmas, you can order copies for $10.00 each. In addition, we’re giving additional discounts for bulk stocking stuffers. (5 copies for $40 and 10 copies for $80). Shipping is $5.00 per order.  We’re making it super easy to order …

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Get ready for a spoonful of Christmas Jelly

A word from Curt Tomorrow,December 1, begins a daily blog of chapters from our short story collection, Christmas Jelly. The foreword below shares how you and your family can use these stories to brighten the Christmas season. Enjoy. DeDe and I and the Creekbank family wish you a Merry and Remarkable Christmas. Curt Order your copy(s) of Christmas Jelly at Amazon or www.creekbank.net …

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