Get ready for a spoonful of Christmas Jelly

A word from Curt

Tomorrow,December 1, begins a daily blog of chapters from our short story collection, Christmas Jelly.

The foreword below shares how you and your family can use these stories to brighten the Christmas season.


DeDe and I and the Creekbank family wish you a Merry and Remarkable Christmas.


"Christmas Jelly" is a collection of short stories by Louisiana author Curt Iles. Learn more at
“Christmas Jelly” is a collection of short stories by Louisiana author Curt Iles. Learn more at

Order your copy(s) of Christmas Jelly at Amazon or


These stories are mostly true.
Several are the invention of my imagination.

All are from my journals or laptop.

Most of all, they’re from my heart.

I hope they move you.
Go ahead and laugh.

My wish is that Christmas Jelly makes this holiday season the deepest and most meaningful ever for you and your family.
In fact, I encourage you to use the stories as part of a family time each night in December.

There are thirty-two chapters.

One for each day in December, and a lagniappe chapter for New Year’s Day.

Take your time. Like a jar of homemade jelly, these stories are best digested a few spoonfuls at a time.

Enjoy every bite,
Curt Iles
Dry Creek, Louisiana

In memory of my maternal grandparents,
Sid and Leona Plott.
My childhood Christmas memories are wrapped up in the gi s of love they showered on my sisters and me.

Back cover of Christmas Jelly:

Back Cover Christmas Jelly at 12.43.59 PM

Tomorrow, December 1: The story that started it all, “Christmas Jelly.” It’s a reader favorite and one of my cherished stories because of the special friend it’s about.  Get ready to meet my favorite teacher, Eleanor Andrews, and the yearly Christmas tradition we shared.

You can order autographed copies as Christmas gifts by ordering through our E-Junkie site.  If you’d like a personalized signature, please make note.

We love hearing from our readers.  Many of you read and seldom comment (and that is no problem) but during December, I’d love to have a short note from many of you who visit the Creek often.

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