Words to Live By: Integrity

In recovering and writing about my African trip, I’m sharing my favorite six words.
The sketch above shows an old deacon’s feet dancing a jig in joy before the Lord. (see his picture and full story by scrolling below.)

This wonderful older man is still living life with my word #1: Passion!

My 6 words.

Today’s word: Integrity.

What a fine word. John Maxwell describes it as “who you are when no one is watching, and what you will stand up for even if you’re standing alone.”

I don’t believe you can improve or expand on that.

Great men and women of the Bible had it.

Jesus exuded integrity in his dealings with folks of all walks and ways.
Joseph of the Old Testament had a strong vaccination of integrity. His words to Potiphar’s wife, “How can I do this evil thing and sin against God” is a high point of the entire Bible.

Integrity makes up its mind ahead of time what is right and wrong. Therefore it is not easily swayed by the crowds, popularity, and whispered voices suggesting short cuts or sin.

Another Joseph of the Bible– Jesus’ earthly father (what a neat title to have) exhibited it in his desire to “put away quietly his espoused (pregnant) wife Mary.”

His wife Mary showed integrity when she answered the angel’s startling news (having a baby without the usual sexual relations is definitely what I call “startling.”) with a calm, “May it be as the Lord has said.

Integrity. It involves a calm assurance and faith in God.

It’s a word I want to work on in my life. John Avant, pastor of First Baptist in West Monroe has his life goal distilled down to this simple but profound sentence:

“I want to be a man God can use, and be respected by my wife and children.”

That covers it all. A man God is using will always possess integrity.

If a man is respected and admired by those who know him best– his family– then he is walking with integrity at home.

Integrity. It’s a good word to live by.

Curt’s six words (with a seventh one for lagniappe.*)
1. Passion
2. Compassion
3. Integrity
4. Relationships
5. Resolve
6. Legacy

6a. Gratitude.

*Lagniappe is a cajun word for “something a little extra.”

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