African Sketches

Sketches from AfricaScroll down to an earlier entry to read about the lesson on living passionately I learned from a dancing deacon.
I am not a true artist.
I’m only a sketcher.

I’m learned that one of the best “friend-catchers” in a foreign country is one’s journal and sketches.
Even the shyest person cannot help but looking over your shoulder at your drawings.

So with no further adieu (Too much time in a French-speaking country) here are some drawings from Congo and Rwanda.

Alongside the main highway connecting Rwanda and Congo, I spied this advertisement. It tickled me with the title. What a difference one “o” can make. The “Jesus is Coming Saloon” is really a beauty salon.

Seriously, Jesus is coming.
Seriously, everyone deserves at least one chance to hear who Jesus Christ really is: The living Son of God who gave His life for our sins and wants to change our lives.

African Drums

I’m a drummer and love rhythm, so I enjoyed their music.

The American missionary we worked with, Rusty Pugh, has been in Africa for nearly twenty years. He told me, “When I get to heaven and see a sign pointing toward the Southern Baptist
choir room and another sign leading to the African choir, I’m going to the African one.

Me, too.

Notice in the sketch about the charcoal fire. The drum is placed over it and the heat “tunes” the drum head.
More sketches in next entry

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