Thoughts From A Good Day


Thoughts from a good day.

“Isn’t life amazing, we go somewhere seeking to be a blessing. Instead, the folks we’ve ‘come to help’ are the blessing to us. It’s a paradox of giving that always amazes and humbles me.”

I had the privilege of speaking today at the Southwest Louisiana War Veteran’s Home in Jennings. It is a first class facility honoring “Louisiana’s Heroes.”

Top picture: I met Jean Stipes of DeRidder who was visiting her husband.

Right: My Aunt Margie went and performed on the piano. She is shown with veteran Jeanne Ryan. Jeanne is the mother of SW La. artist/McNeese faculty member, Heather Ryan Kelley.

Aunt Margie played the service song for each branch of the military. The veterans waved or stood on their song. It was very moving to see the smiles of these men and women who preserved our freedom in past wars.

Curt is shown with new friend James Tecson. James is an Air Force veteran from Hawaii by way of Texas.

The best part of writing and speaking is making new friends like James.

I want to thank Marilyn LeJuene and the staff at the Veteran’s Home for making me feel so welcome.


The Joy of Music (and Grandchildren)

We’ve had our oldest grandson, Noah Iles, this week. Noah, 3, has been so much fun. He loves music and I took this shot of him on the porch at The Old House.

He is holding one of the fiddles played by his great-great-great grandmother, Theodosia Wagnon Iles.

It’s the legacy of family and things passed down: fiddles, land, photos, keepsakes, stories, memories. It all is woven together in a thick cord that connects our heart to the past, gives hope to our future, and gives us a foundation for life’s journey.

I’m thankful for my Dry Creek heritage.

Scroll down to view neat (but sideways) video.
Instructions: click on screen to view.
If you have a laptop, turn it sideways.
If you’re viewing on a PC, cock your head to the side. (Just kidding on both counts.)

I apologize for the video being sideways. (When I figure out how to change it in Quick Time, I’ll rotate it.) It’s Aunt Margie playing “a duet” with Noah. I love her rendition of “The Sting” aka “The Entertainer.”

The look of joy of both Margie and Noah is what I love.
Music forms a bond.
Music brings joy to our lives.
Music is one of God’s best gifts to we humans.

“Most men die with their song still inside them. Let that not be said of me.” -Anonymous

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