Two Stories On Ted Kennedy

2 Stories on Ted Kennedy

I’ve never been a Ted Kennedy fan. Most of his politics are 180 degrees to the left of my beliefs.
However, two stories I read many years ago built a grudging respect for him. One is humorous. The other is poignant.

Once during a visit to a coal mine, Ted Kennedy was approached by a grimy short fiesty miner.
“Senator Kennedy, is it true you never worked a day in your life at a real job?”

Taken aback, the senator finally answered, “Yes sir, I guess that’s true.”

Supposedly the miner shook his head, broke out into a grin, and said, “Well, let me tell you something. You ain’t missed a thing.”

Secondly, on Sept. 11, 2001 as our nation reeled from the terror attacks, Ted Kennedy went to the White House to sit with Laura Bush. (As you probably remember, President Bush was in Florida, then Louisiana, at the times of the attacks.) In spite of political differences, it showed a human side of this man.

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  1. Curt, I think you have the head of a Republican but the heart of a Democrat. (Mark 12:31).

    This is a liberalness of spirit and love you share with the ancestors you write of, especially your fourth great-grandpa, Joseph Moore (who came to America because he knew first hand of oppression) and your great grandparents, Dosia and Frank, who lived in a kinder, gentler time.

    I think what Ted Kennedy knew, through all his human flaws and a lifetime of service, was that there is a head and a heart in each of us. And, as he showed over and over, may our hearts always be the dominant one.


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