Dr. King at the Nile

Sunset on Lake Victoria near the source of the Nile River
Sunset on Lake Victoria near the source of the Nile River

It’s Dr. Martin Luther King Day here in America.

My first MLK Day in America since 2011.

Once again, my thoughts have returned to Africa today.

To Jinja, Uganda.

Where the world’s greatest river, the Nile, surges out of one of the world’s greatest lakes, Lake Victoria.

A plaque to Gandhi is at the source of the Nile.

This is due to the fact that when he died, his ashes were spread at several rivers of the world.

This included the spot where the Nile begins its four thousand mile journey to Egypt.

It’s only appropriate that I thought of Dr. King.  He learned his non-violent resistance philosophy from the life of Gandhi.

A connection that reaches from India to Africa to the United States.

A reminder that great change doesn’t have to come as a result of a gun or violence.

Resilience and Commitment can change the world.


A hero named Gandhi

These photos commemorate the spot in South Africa where Gandhi (in 1893) was tossed off a train.

Click here to view the classic movie footage from the movie Gandhi where the great leader first learned his non-violent methods of resistance.  It later brought down an empire (British) and led to the formation of the strong beliefs of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and many others.








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