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Friends- Here are frequently asked questions concerning my latest book, Hearts across the Water. I hope you enjoy them. What was your favorite story from “Hearts?”
A conversation with Curt Iles
Questions with the author of Hearts across the Water
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Tell us about your book in less than fifty words:
Hearts Across The Water is a collection of over fifty stories of inspiration and hope told from three recent events: Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and the Asian tsunami.

Where did the name come from?
These stories are about the linking of hearts of people from very diverse cultures: The Indonesian tsunami survivors, residents of New Orleans, and the rural population of southwest Louisiana.

What are your favorite stories in Hearts?
Now that’s a tough question, but here we go:
“Henry” (page 91) is a story of hope concerning a brave young Indonesian tsunami survivor who touched my life in an unforgettable way.
Then there is “Mabel’s Song,” (page 109) a story that relates to the spirit of overcoming as shown by a group of New Orleans Katrina evacuees who learned to “Sing in spite of the storm.”

How did your tsunami trip affect you?
I met so many brave people. Over and over they begged, “Don’t forget us. Please tell our stories back in America.” I believe the beginning of Hearts across the Water started as a result of their requests to “tell our stories.”

Why did you want to combine the tsunami stories with hurricane stories?
To personally see the extensive damage in Indonesia, and then only months later, to experience it here in my home state was nearly a surreal experience. So much sadness and sorrow came out of these three events. I believe my job is to pick through the devastation and wreckage to find the stories of hope, courage, and inspiration that always accompany any terrible event.

What have you learned from your three trips to post-Katrina New Orleans?
Seeing the unbelievable damage and hurting souls in the New Orleans area has made me committed and compelled to be part of the rebuilding, however it may unfold, of our state’s largest city.

How does this book relate with your previous three books?
My writing comes from the heart. I’m simply a storyteller telling of the courage, joy, and goodness found all around us in life. Hearts is a continuation of the heartfelt writing I shared in Wind in the Pines, The Old House, and Stories from the Creekbank.

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