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Dexter’s Truck, a story I believe you’ll enjoy:
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Dexter’s Truck

I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. Psalm 84:10
My church has a large parking lot. You’d better notice where you park or you’ll be circling the airport after church.
This is especially true if you drive a silver or white vehicle. I’ve done an unscientific study that shows 82% of the current vehicles in America are silver or white.
I know this to be true because DeDe and I drive a silver Dodge truck and a silver Toyota Highlander.
More than once, I’ve stood in the Walmart lot, among a sea of silver vehicles, pressing my key fob in search of the blinking lights on my Toyota.
Recently I was sitting in my Toyota at a McDonald’s parking lot as I ate a quarter-pounder and read from my Kindle. A woman opened the driver’s door to find me sitting behind the wheel of her silver Toyota.
She squealed. I believe she dropped her to-go order as she hurried away.
I’m glad she didn’t have a gun. Lately, people have been shot for much less.
Back to our large church parking lot: there is one person who has no difficulty finding his vehicle. His name is Dexter and he drives an old Ford truck.
It’s not just any old Ford truck. It’s what we call back home, “A coat of many colors” truck. I haven’t counted closely but I recognize at least four colors on the truck body (neither silver nor white).
Dexter’s truck was creatively created by combining a hood, doors, bed, and tailgate from various Ford models.
It is a sight to see. People have implored Dexter to trade it in for a new model. He just shrugs, “What’s wrong with the one I’m driving?”
But what sets Dexter apart at our church isn’t his truck. It’s his service.
Every Sunday, Dexter faithfully stands at the Atrium entrance door of our church.
He’s always there with an open door, a smile, and a peppermint for the kids.
I think of Dexter’s ministry as I read Psalm 84:10: “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”
Dexter has set an example for all of us. He has found the spot where God has placed him and faithfully made a stand.
He is doing a small thing with great joy. My favorite Mother Teresa quote speaks of this: “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”
At Calvary Baptist, it literally takes hundreds to carry out our two services, multiple Bible studies, and worship.
But no one has a more important job than Dexter.
He will be upset with me for sharing this story. Dexter avoids the spotlight and chooses to do his many small things behind the scenes. But his example of faithfulness is too remarkable to go untold. Forgive me, Dexter.
If you visit Calvary, enter at the East Atrium door and you’ll meet Dexter.
If you have difficulty finding that entrance, look for a colorful truck parked nearby.
Curt Iles
May 2023
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