A Short Sermon


My stories come from the Louisiana Pineywoods.

Straight Out Of Yale


As I’ve followed the brouhaha around the presidents of Harvard, Penn, and M.I.T., I’m reminded of one of my favorite stories:

A young man from a smaller church felt called to preach and entered Yale’s Divinity School.

After one year at Yale, he triumphantly returned home and was invited to preach at his home church.

He announced that his sermon would be in four parts, using the letters Y-A-L-E as an outline.

The young preacher spent about twenty minutes on each letter. I’ll let you figure out how long the sermon was.  It was looong.

When he finally finished his Y-A-L-E sermon, the home pastor stood and said, “All I can say is we’re thankful our young Yale friend didn’t attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”


“Nobody’s ever complained about a short sermon.”


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