Amazing: A WWII story you’ll have to share

Wherever we are, it's all about relationships.
Wherever we are, it’s all about relationships.

A word from Curt:

Amazing!  What a good word.

During this current season of my life, my writing (and life) is focused on three things:

  1. Staying Curious.
  2. Being Amazed.
  3. Telling Stories that Resonate.

This story, told by my friend and mentor, Ron Perry, is my favorite story of 2016.


Be amazed.

Share it.


It was WWII and a convoy had reached the edge of a jungle in the China-Burma-India Theater. There they stopped and set up camp for the night. Gene, a tall lanky soldier from Missouri, had stretched his hammock between two trees and like the rest of his company had settled in for a night of rest.

Some time in the night he was awakened and turned around in his hammock, then went back to sleep. Later he was awakened with excruciating pains in his legs only to find himself being dragged from his hammock by a Bengal tiger. His comrades were awakened and they were able to scare the tiger and it released its jaws and dropped Gene to the ground, saving his life. When daylight came they found tiger paw prints around each hammock, yet it chose Gene as its victim. He spent many months in hospitals and rehab facilities.

Back home was a Godly mother who knew how to pray and had spent hours interceding for her family and especially for her son in the jungles of Burma. After returning home and sharing his story with family he would realize the effectual praying of his mother in the night of his greatest danger. God had awakened Gene to turn around in his hammock. If he had not turned around more than likely the tiger would have attacked his head or throat and possibly killed him. If that would have happened I would not have met his lovely and talented daughter, Debbie, and Roy O Martin Companies would not have had the opportunity to know her as a compassionate and caring chaplain.

Go with me to John 17 and visualize our Lord going into his dark night alone to pray. There is recorded the intercessory prayer of Jesus to his Heavenly Father, first for himself, then his disciples, and then for you and I. Jesus prays for our safety – verse 11 and 15, for our satisfaction in daily living –verse 13, for our separation from the world – verses 14-16, and for our sanctification and service – verses 17-19.

Jesus is calling all of us to join his team of faithful intercessors to pray for carefree sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, family, friends, and coworkers who face the enemy of their souls, “who prowls around as a roaring lion looking for some one to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

By the way, Gene will be 90 on September 11, 2014. In May I had an opportunity to visit with him at his country home in Hazel, Kentucky and hear in greater detail the story of his deliverance on that dark night. Across the years my family and I have been the benefactors of his prayers of intercession. I am eternally grateful to God for delivering him from the jaws of that Bengal tiger in the jungles of Burma.

In your dark night, remember, someone is praying for your deliverance!


Chaplain Ron

Note: Debbie Perry’s father, Gene, died last year after living seventy plus years after his fateful tiger attack.


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