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Answered Prayer and Gratitude

Best story: Lady with land deed
Our Best story: Lady with land deed


A Memorable story from South Sudan:

In 2014, attended a UN Church in Juba, South Sudan’s capital. During testimony time, a lady (see photo) held aloft an official paper from the government, written in Arabic. She shared how two weeks ago she’d brought a earlier letter taking away her land. The church prayed over the letter and situation.

The letter shown in the photo was a followup informing her that she now held complete ownership of the land. She brought it before the church and the Lord in gratitude. I thought of the story of the grateful leper who returned in gratitude to Jesus.

We bring our petitions before the Lord.

When he acts, we return to publicly thank Him.

It’s the thankful leper.

It’s us.


Ethnic groups of South Sudan. Many tribes along the borders "bleed over" into neighbouring countries.
Ethnic groups of South Sudan. Many tribes along the borders “bleed over” into neighbouring countries.

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