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Don’t miss your daily helping of Christmas Jelly!

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Trampled Grass

Chapter 38  “Come on Over”


“We have heard the Macedonian call, ‘Send the Light’.”

–Southern Hymn, “Send the Light”


 Boroli Camp church planters with Pastor Robert Franklin .

I’ve been thinking about the Macedonian man’s vision to Paul in Acts 16. The Apostle had run into a series of closed doors in Asia Minor, today’s Turkey.

This was followed by a strange vision of a man from Macedonia begging Paul to come help in what is now Europe.

If he was a Southerner, he’d said, “Y’all come over and help us.”

The writer of Acts, Doctor Luke, states, “At once, we decided it was God’s will for us to go.”

It’s always about following The Call.

The direction and focus we feel God leading in.

That’s where we are.

We thank God that He has chosen to involve our home church in Dry Creek in the harvest fields of northern Uganda, South Sudan, and DR Congo.

We wanted to show you the faces and hearts of those who’ve crossed the Atlantic to help us.


Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief team with new borehole.


Most are like us. They’re lay people who love God and have chosen to care about the least reached and most vulnerable in the area we call Chadan.

They come from all walks of life. Teachers. Foresters. Camp Managers. Pastors. Housewives.

Most hale* from small- to medium-sized churches.


* Our editors and readers have had a fit deciding if it’s “hale from” or “hail from.”  What say you?


                                Gordy, Colleen and Brady Glaser with Adeit, Momma Rebecca, and Angel Margaret. Corsu Hospital.


They cover the spectrum of age, education, and geographical backgrounds. We present them to you as a reminder that anyone who heeds God’s call can pray, give, and come. Come on over. The fields are white unto harvest.


Beauregard Baptist Association Team at weekly Guard Bible Study


  Brent Maxwell at Kakwa Camp. “It’s about relationships, but isn’t everything?”


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