Every Journey has a Story

You’re going to enjoy this story. I guarantee it.

It’s true. Every Journey has a Story, and this is exactly why you’re going to be hooked from the first page of As the Crow Flies.

From Missouri Cotton’s first words,  “My name is Missouri Cotton and I was born into a family of thieves”, you’ll realize you’ve never met anyone like her. Known as Mizz to her friends, she is the perfect person to tell the story of the infamous Westport Fight that shaped much of Louisiana’s No Man’s Land.

Back cover of As the Crow Flies.


The first edition of As the Crow Flies is now available.  You can easily order your copy(s) here.

It’s a great deal.  A full-length novel for $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

If you order here, we’ll autograph your copy.

You can also order Crow at Amazon and we soon plan to have both ebook and larger print versions ready.

Later on, we plan an Audible audio version. (We’re auditioning young Southern-sounding readers through Audible’s ACX program).

In the meantime, you’re stuck with yours truly reading.

We’ll be podcasting the chapters over the next few weeks.  Listen to Chapter 1 of As the Crow Flies.

You can subscribe to our Podcast at iTunes here so you won’t miss any episodes.

Learn why I write about Lousiana’s No Man’s Land.  I’m standing at the Calcasieu River at Strother’s

Crossing.  How many of you have crossed the iron bridge there?



Deb Tyler’s Pineywoods Map
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