Two H-Bombs

Sometimes having a bomb dropped on you is good.

Especially if it teaches you Humility.

And if it reminds you to keep (and use) your sense of Humor.

Learning a new language has been tough.

But it’s also been wonderful.  I’ve always felt undereducated by being monolingual.

I’m a long way from being fluent (that will not happen) but I’ve learned a lot of Swahili and the East African culture.

It has humbled me.  And that’s never a bad thing.

It has allowed me (maybe the word is “forced”) me to use my sense of humor.

Africans love to laugh.  They will laugh with me,  but not at me.  One of my American friends who has been on this journey much longer said, “I’ve never had an African laugh derisively at my Swahili.”

But they will laugh.    They love to see a wazungu (white people) try.  In fact, they light up when you greet them in their heart language. It opens doors and separates you from being another tourist.  As Rick Steves says,  “You become a temporary local.”

Pray for DeDe and I (She’s kicking my tail in class) we learn, grow, and make new friends.

I want to keep this humility.  I want to maintain my sense of humor.



*Habari is the standard greeting. It means “Any news?”  It is connected to every term known to man from your family (Jamaa) to your cattle herd. (Ng’ombe.)


What a fine day. We  are witnesses to a memorable outdoor baptism service today.  I believe you’ll enjoy this short video of one of the six who were baptized.

Baptism Movie

DeDe at Hope Baptist Church with (R) new believer John and Ambrose.
DeDe at Hope Baptist Church with (R) new believer John and Ambrose.



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