Heartbroken . . . but still in Love



A word from Curt
A word from Curt

Friday, 15 March

Adjumani Uganda

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A full day of being in refugee camps.  Nothing will break your heart like seeing thousands suffering and facing uncertain futures.

Yet even in our heartbreak, we are in love.

In love with our Jesus who said, “Come unto me . . .”

In love with our fellow workers who have such big hearts.

In love with the local Madi people who’ve opened their hearts and door to fellow cousins in need.

Finally, in love with our people of South Sudan.

They are worthy of being loved.

They deserve our help.

DeDe, Fred, and Idi with Story Cloth
DeDe, Fred, and Idi with Story Cloth

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of the last two days: 

Where are you?   Adjumani, northern Uganda  south of the South Sudan border

What are you doing?  Visited the South Sudan refugee camps in the Adjumani area.  We have been to ten camps in the past two days.  They are scattered over an area about the size of a typical county.

Who are you with?  My sweet wife DeDe, my leader Bob, four Kentucky Baptist Relief leaders, and a host of caring local Madi pastors.

Why are y’all up there?  We’re trying to find ministry/need gaps that our organisation (International Mission Board and its humanitarian arm, Baptist Global Relief can fill.

What’s next?  Tomorrow Sunday, we cross the Nile by ferry and begin visiting camps in West Nile Region.

How can we pray?

  1. Wisdom in focusing in on the most immediate and meetable needs in the camps.
  2. Traveling mercies.  Going on the road up here is always an adventure and needs a covering of prayer.  Pray!
  3. Gospel opportunities to share why we want to help. It’s all about Jesus!


Bob Calvert sharing the Gospel
Bob Calvert sharing the Gospel









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